The West Bridgford School

Product Design

Here are three internet articles, three things to watch, and three podcasts that would be suitable and inspirational for Product Design students:

Internet Articles:

  1. "10 Principles of Good Product Design" - This article explores the fundamental principles of good product design, covering topics such as user-centered design, simplicity, and aesthetics. It provides valuable insights and examples that can inspire and guide Product Design students.

  2. "The Role of Design Thinking in Product Development" - This article delves into the concept of design thinking and its application in the product development process. It discusses how design thinking can help Product Design students approach problem-solving and innovation from a user-centric perspective.

  3. "Designing for Sustainability: Strategies for Product Designers" - Sustainability is an important consideration in modern product design. This article explores various strategies and approaches that Product Design students can adopt to create environmentally friendly and socially responsible products. It highlights case studies and best practices in sustainable design.


Things to Watch:

  1. "Abstract: The Art of Design" (Netflix series) - This documentary series offers an intimate look into the lives and creative processes of influential designers from various fields, including product design. Each episode focuses on a different designer, providing insights into their design philosophies, challenges, and inspirations.

  2. "Dieter Rams: Less and More" (Documentary) - Dieter Rams is one of the most influential product designers of our time. This documentary examines his life and work, showcasing his iconic designs for Braun and his "less is more" approach to design. It offers valuable lessons and inspiration for Product Design students.

  3. "The Genius of Design" (BBC Series) - This documentary series delves into the history of design, exploring its impact on society and culture. It covers various design disciplines, including product design, and highlights key design movements and influential designers throughout history.


  1. "99% Invisible" - This popular podcast explores the unnoticed design and architecture that shape our world. Hosted by Roman Mars, it covers a wide range of design-related topics, including product design, and delves into the stories behind everyday objects and design choices.

  2. "Design Matters with Debbie Millman" - In this podcast, Debbie Millman, a renowned designer and author, interviews leading designers, artists, and creatives from various disciplines. The conversations cover their journeys, creative processes, and insights into the world of design, providing valuable inspiration for Product Design students.

  3. "The Design Better Podcast" - This podcast, hosted by the design team at InVision, features interviews with top designers and design leaders. The episodes cover topics such as design thinking, collaboration, and user experience, offering practical advice and insights for aspiring Product Designers.