The West Bridgford School

We've arrived in Barcelona

13 Nov 2023, 22:48(CET) - Day 1 in Barcelona

We have had an excellent first day in Barcelona and all the students seem very happy to be here.

We arrived at Birmingham Airport early and were able to get through security efficiently, despite it being very busy. It was nice to hear our students being friendly and greeting the passport control officers with an ‘Hola, ¿qué tal?’ even if they weren’t always quite as friendly in response! 

After getting settled down in the hotel, we went on a little walk around the area in which our accommodation is located. We took a look at the Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau, an old hospital in which patients must have felt a little better, if only for the beauty of its design. We then walked down the pedestrian street to get our first glimpse of the Sagrada Familia. All with warm temperatures and a blue sky.

A little bit of time at a nearby shopping centre followed (to the delight of the kids!) before we came back to the hotel for an evening meal. Everyone was really tired and was ready for bed after a long day.