The West Bridgford School

Values & Ethos

At the West Bridgford School, we ensure that every child in our charge fulfils and exceeds their potential.  We have high expectations of our Students in terms of their approach to learning, and their involvement in the everyday life of the School. By doing this, we are learning, thinking and thriving...... together. 

The primary aim, is to prepare each individual to live a full and satisfying life, and specifically:

To enable students to experience and develop a life-long enjoyment of learning.

To promote an educational culture based on academic excellence.

To develop enquiring minds capable of independent thought.

To develop personal values and habits which encourage students to become thriving, responsible and caring members of society.

Central to our philosophy is the belief that an effective education is one which values the culture and contribution of all students, teacher and parents when they come together as a community at the West Bridgford School