The West Bridgford School

Student Committee

It is important that the student body have a voice in Post 16. The Student Committee is a group of students within Year 13 who encourage Post 16 students to have their say, and represent these in decisions that impact on their Post 16 experience. 

The committee will have an elected leader, and elected group members, all with a key role to play.

What are the Student Committee's responsibilities? 

The committee acts a facilitator between the Post 16 team, staff members and students to communicate areas of interest and debate. Equally, the committee organises social events, charity events and various other fund-raising activities. In the past, our Student Committees have organised Year 12-13 parties, charity dress-up days and cake sales. Each year the committee organise the Yearbook, leavers’ hoodies and last day celebrations which usually include a bouncy castle, inflatable slide, games and obstacle course. The committee also organises the Year 13 Prom, which in 2023 was held at Colwick Hall.

How to become a Student Committee member

In summer, Year 12 students have the opportunity to become part of the Student Committee for the next academic year. Students plan and film a one-minute video produced to a professional standard outlining the skills they feel they have and how that would help them be an effective leader of the committee. Their peers, and staff, will then vote later in the same week to elect a leader, and the committee.