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School Uniform

The school reserves the right to take disciplinary action against any child whose uniform does not comply with these requirements. For persistent offenders this could result in the child forfeiting their place in the school. The judgement of the Director of Learning will be final in these matters. The following tables provide information on uniform for students at The West Bridgford School.

At the bottom of this page, you will find links and details of our School Uniform provider, Just Schoolwear.

Updated Ordering Process

The only service currently available for purchasing uniform is online. Just Schoolwear stores are only open for Collections and Returns, and will not hold any uniform stock. A uniform fitting service is provided in store if you are unsure of which size to order.


Uniform can be purchased directly from Just School Wear, please visit the following link:

Our School Uniform


School blazer with school badge. Blazers may be removed on the field at lunchtime, in classrooms when permission is given by the teacher, and during summer when a notice is put on the Student Bulletin Board.


A fully pleated skirt, in plain mid-grey.  The skirt should not be tightly tailored or of a stretchy Lycra type material.  It must not be split above the knee.  The hemline of the skirt should be on the knee with a tolerance of 5cm either above or below the knee.


Classic suit style trousers in mid-grey, worn at the waist (with a plain buckled black belt – optional) and touching the foot with a crease down the front and zip fly front.  Tight fitting or cropped trousers are not acceptable.  No stretch fabrics, jeans style, turn ups or flares. 

Blouse or shirt and clip-on tie

School blouse must be buttoned to the top.

White shirt must be tucked in at all times and the top button done up. Sleeves must not be rolled up but short sleeved shirts may be worn.  This must be worn with a West Bridgford school clip-on tie.


Plain sensible polishable flat black shoes with no visible markings or logos.  No boots.  Suede is not acceptable.

Jumper (optional)

A school jumper may optionally be worn in addition to the blazer. No other jumper is permissible.

Socks or tights

Grey, black or navy plain socks. Grey, black or skin coloured tights. No leggings, footless tights or patterned tights. There is no intention that socks and tights should be worn together.  No trainer socks.


Outdoor coats should be dark and plain in colour, compatible with our school uniform and without logos. We do not consider sports tops, hoodies, fleeces, leather jackets and other fashion items to be school uniform. The use of high visibility or reflective armbands is recommended.

Hair bands/ ribbons etc

Plain black or navy-blue.

Hat, scarf, gloves (optional)

Plain black or navy-blue.


Plain black or navy-blue


Plain black or navy-blue. This should be no longer than the shoulder, leaving the badge on the blazer cleanly visible.  The wearing of a burqa or face veil such as the niqab is not permitted in school

Jewellery, make-up and nails

None, except that students with pierced ears may wear only small plain metallic studs – one per ear. No other studs are permissible.  No nail varnish or false nails. No excessive make-up.


There should be no extreme hairstyles or unnatural variations in the colour or length of hair which have the effect of drawing attention to the student concerned.


Undergarments should be plain white and must not contain lettering which may be visible through the blouse or shirt.


These should be fit for purpose in that they are big enough to hold books and equipment required for the day

Aerosols, laser pens, items of inappropriate uniform, all electrical items such as ipods, mobile phones, smart devices, cameras, smart watches and items which interfere with the smooth running of the school day are all banned items and must be left at home. You should be aware that these items may be searched for and if found will be confiscated. A confiscated item will be dealt with in accordance with the School Behaviour Policy.

PE kit


  • Choice of V-neck or polo shirt with the school logo on from Just Schoolwear (compulsory). (As an option, a navy-blue long-sleeved skin without visible branding may be worn underneath the V-neck or polo shirt for outdoor sports. The optional skin may be purchased from anywhere)·
  • Choice of navy-blue shorts or a navy-blue skort from Just Schoolwear (compulsory). (As an option, plain navy-blue leggings, suitable for sport, may be worn underneath the shorts or skort as an additional layer to provide warmth. The optional leggings may be purchased from anywhere). 
  • A reversible long-sleeved jersey with school logo for football, hockey and rugby from Just Schoolwear (compulsory).
  • ¼ zipped jumper with school logo from Just Schoolwear (optional). (This item is unable to be worn for football and rugby).
  • White ankle socks and sport's trainers for indoor use (compulsory). · Navy blue football socks and football boots for field work (compulsory).
  • Shin pads for hockey and football (compulsory).
  • Plain black or navy-blue swimming costume/shorts/trunks.
  • Gum shields for rugby and hockey (compulsory)
  • All long hair must be tied back, away from the face for PE lessons. All jewellery must be removed before the lesson; new earlobe piercings must be taped appropriately.

All long hair must be tied back, away from the face for PE lessons. All jewellery must be removed before the lesson; new earlobe piercings must be taped appropriately.

Purchasing School Uniforms

There are a number of options available to parents for purchasing uniform. Primarily, this is through our suppliers, Just Schoolwear, via their website. Alternatively, you can visit one of their retail shops located in West Bridgford and Arnold (Shop details listed below).

 Just Schoolwear Shop Opening Times

Just Schoolwear West Bridgford

11 Compton Acres Shopping Centre

West Bridgford




Tue - 10:00am - 4:00pm


Thur - 10:00am - 4:00pm


Sat - 10:00am - 3:00pm


Just Schoolwear Arnold

12 High Street



NG5 7DZ 


Tue - 10:00am - 4:00pm


Thur - 10:00am - 4:00pm


Sat - 10:00am - 3:30pm


Items ordered online provides a free delivery service to the school during term time only. Deliveries to home via DPD comes with a delivery charge. Click and collect service from two of their local stores