The West Bridgford School

Read-Aloud Canon

The WBS Read-Aloud Curriculum

At the West Bridgford school, we have developed an exciting Read- Aloud curriculum that cover a judicious range of texts and experiences, from classics to modern literature, from writers around the world with varying perspectives, and from fiction to autobiographical writing. All students in school will spend one morning a week accessing the WBS Read- Aloud curriculum.


The benefits of reading aloud

There is a wealth of evidence that suggests that reading aloud not only develops a love of reading and allows all students to access books, but also helps students to develop fluency through listening to a skilled reader (their tutor) before practising some reading aloud with a partner.

The link between reading and cognitive development is widely understood. Students are introduced to vocabulary, syntactic structures and background knowledge they may have otherwise not encountered.


Purpose of the programme

  1. We believe all students should encounter a range of high quality texts while at WBS.
  2. Reading aloud to students is an intervention that will benefit all, but is also likely to narrow the attainment gap for the least advantaged.
  3. Hearing these texts read-aloud is not only likely to improve students’ reading ability and potential for academic success, it will give them access to a world of ideas they may not otherwise be able to experience.

The texts selected represent a diverse range of thoughts and experience, in addition to being age appropriate for students. All tutors have participated in training for the most effective read aloud strategies, and guest speakers will even make an appearance during these sessions too.


*The intervention team, English department and literacy team will continue to develop a culture of wider reading through initiatives such as LitFest, supportive interventions, and Post 16 paired reading, and curriculum time will continue to support disciplinary literacy.