The West Bridgford School

Progress Reports

The school operates a system of ‘Progress Reports’ that will track your child’s progress against national targets from Year 7 to 13. Each group receives 3 progress reports per year. When viewing your child’s report be aware that the ‘Base Target’ is set using prior-attainment based on national data, while the ‘Aspirational Target’ is decided in school using the judgement of the teacher and data we hold on your child. The ‘Aspirational Target’ will always be above the ‘Base Target’.

For each progress report staff produce ‘Predicted Grades’ after considering your child’s marks, their work habits and their own professional judgement, to make a prediction of what grade your child will attain at the end of the key stage. The report will show all previous predictions for the year so as the year progresses you will be able to see if performance is improving or declining.

Predicted grades show ‘traffic light’ colours to give an ‘at a glance’ overview of the report.

Reports also record ‘Attitude to Learning’ and ‘Independence’. This is graded on a ‘1 to 5’ scale with extensive notes as to what each grade describes.