The West Bridgford School

Peer Mentoring

During their time in Post 16, students are given the opportunity to become Peer Mentors. Peer Mentoring aims to enhance and provide the Peer Mentors with skills and abilities which they can transfer to life after Post 16. 

What is the role of a Peer Mentor? 

 The Peer Mentor Scheme within the school was implemented to address general well-being issues such as low level anxiety, friendship conflict and organisational skills. 

The role includes:

  • Mentors a younger student in school.
  • The Peer Mentors are available to listen without judgement and empower younger pupils. 
  • Peer Mentors support students when accessing set work and school resources in Homework Club. They also support pupils with reading.To be a positive role model and advocate of the school ethos.
  • Actively take part in and promote school campaigns:
  • To raise the profile of anti-bullying across the school, help maintain that profile and actively spread the anti-bullying message across the whole school community.
  • To promote a culture of listening, empathy and support across school.
  • During Anti-bullying week Peer Mentors have designed the school Anti-Bullying Code, presented the Anti-Bullying Assembly to Year Groups 7-11 and helped in tutor groups with the Anti-Bullying activities. 

How to become a peer mentor
If students are interested in becoming a peer mentor they should speak to Mrs Beeson in the Learning Centre.

Training is provided along with regular debriefing sessions to help the Peer Mentors work independently but also as part of a team with the other Peer Mentors and trainers.