The West Bridgford School


Welcome to the West Bridgford School Literacy Curriculum page.

Literacy is embedded throughout school from tutor time, in the curriculum, in and around school and after school clubs, each Tuesday morning in tutor time pupils in Year 7 and 8 have a literacy morning to help you with your literacy skills, activities include spelling, punctuation, grammar, countdown, scrabble, discussions and creative writing.

Word of the week helps you with your vocabulary by a new word being introduced to you each week, you can earn achievement points if you use the word of the week correctly to a member of staff. The word of week is announced during tutor time and is also on display in classrooms, The Learning Centre and intranet.

Reading is promoted across school through the use of book of the month which introduces you to a new popular book which you may enjoy reading. Throughout school there are various displays promoting reading and books, additionally you can see what staff are reading as your teachers have posters which they update with the books they are currently reading. If you are stuck on what books to read, you can use the BookTrust website to help you discover a new and exciting book to read or check the 50 books to read before you turn 16 poster and 100 books to read before you leave the West Bridgford School poster.

Each year literacy screenings are conducted during Year 7 and 10 in order to discover your reading abilities in four different reading areas; analysis, comprehension, inference and vocabulary. The screenings are there to help your teachers to give you the best support across school.