The West Bridgford School


The increased demands on students at A level compared to GCSE can be challenge for some. We are committed in facilitating each students into becoming effective independent learners; to take ownership and control of their own learning at their A-level subjects so they may fulfil their potential. Based on student voice the Learning and Career Development curriculum was developed to aid students with this skill. All students in Year 12 will receive two years of lessons in LCD.

This course will allow students to sharpen their thought process and encourage them to improve beyond their comfort zones to develop a reflective approach to their studies and extracurricular skills.

At the West Bridgford school we have close links with employers, and will be giving the students guidance on work experience and apprenticeship opportunities. The skills required for employment will be mirrored in their lessons, allowing students to build strong applications for these. Students are also given Higher Education guidance. Parents will be invited, along with their child, to a UCAS Information Evening. The students will attend the HE Fair, be given lessons on the process and personal statements and given 1:1 student support meetings with their tutor.

Below is a summary of lesson content covered across the course. 

Year 12 Content  Year 13 Content
  • What makes it a successful A Level Student?
  • Barriers to your learning
  • Time Management
  • Options after Post 16
  • Team Building Activity
  • Work Experience
  • CVs
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Professional Online Reputation
  • Super curricular vs Extra Curricular
  • Personal Statement
  • UCAS/ Post 18 options
  • How to improve on being an independent learner 
  • Tackling a negative mind-set
  • Leaving school – what next?
  • Being an independent adult
  • Staying Motivated
  • Starting a Financial you
  • Bills
  • Budgeting
  • Living with other people/Meal planning