The West Bridgford School

Homework Club

Homework club and peer mentors

Located in the Library and Learning Centre

Time: Monday-Thursday, 2:45-4PM and Friday, 2:45-3:30PM (Pupils are to pack away and help tidy up 10 Minutes before the end of the session in order to leave promptly).

Homework club is open after school for all pupils to access in order to partake in quiet study or access equipment for school/homework purposes only. Members of staff are on duty to supervise and are available to offer support to pupils with homework. Peer Mentors volunteer and provide additional support alongside Learning Support Staff. 

Pupils must sign in upon arrival to homework club and write down what work they have bought to complete. This will be checked by a member of staff or a Peer Mentor. If a pupil arrives without any class/homework to complete they will be asked to help with tasks in the Library/Learning Centre. If there are no tasks they will be sent home. This prevents disruptions to other pupils who have come to work and preserves the ethos of the Homework Club.

After 3:30PM pupils may access the selection of board games/books we have, providing they have completed all homework. There are to be NO games played on the computers, with the exception of the educational ones that are accessed in class.

Homework club is a very positive and friendly environment and we are delighted to be offering this to our pupils, with the help of the Learning Centre Support Staff and the Peer Mentors.

Thank you

The Learning Centre Support Staff and the Peer Mentors.