The West Bridgford School


3 things to read

  • Prisoners of Geography (Marshall, T) – an insightful book which helps understand how physical geography impacts on political reality and really helps to understand how decisions of world leaders have been shaped by geography – a great introduction to geopolitics.
  • Factfulness: Ten reasons we’re wrong about the world – and why things are better than you think (Rosling, H 2019) – this is a must-read book from a geography perspective – this takes a more realistic view of the world, presenting issues in fact-based context. It is a rational look at actually how far the world has measurably improved and what’s left to be done. 
  • How Bad Are Bananas?: The carbon footprint of everything by Mike Berners-Lee

3 things to watch

  • Before the Flood (2016) (PG) – National Geographic (presented by Leonardo DiCaprio – exploring climate change and looking at what needs to be done today to prevent catastrophic disruption of life on our planet. 
  • Melting Point – This documentary looks at the consequences of global warming, including an extreme heatwave in Europe and a glacier cracking up in Antarctica.
  • Fire in Paradise  The film focuses on the 2018 wildfire in Paradise, California, the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history

3 podcasts or similar to listen to