The West Bridgford School

Extended Project Qualification

As part of our enrichment programme we will be offering the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) to some students in 2020-2021. This is an additional qualification that is credited as half an A Level. This qualification is a recognition of independent learning skills and as such is increasingly sought after by universities.

What is the EPQ?

The EPQ is an excellent taster of university-style learning as its is an independent research project. The project is co-ordinated and assessed by the school but the bulk of the work is led, managed and completed by the student.

The student can study any topic area of interest that goes beyond their A Level specifications in their subjects. Students have the choice of an extended piece of writing in the form of a 5000 word essay or the production of an “artefact”, this could include organising an event or making an item. Students need to give great consideration to their choice of topic; it must be a topic that sparks their curiosity to maintain their motivation to complete their EPQ. Many students pick topic areas that relate to their future aspirations. 

How are the lessons timetabled?

Students will be timetabled for one tutorial over the  2 week timetable cycle. The focus of tutorials is the delivery of taught skills and one to one meetings. Beyond this, it is recommend by AQA that students spend an additional 90 hours on their project. 

How is the project assessed? 

The project is marked holistically which includes a project log, their product and a presentation of their project to a small audience.

How can Students apply to do an EPQ?

Students will be given the opportunity to apply for an EPQ in October of year 12. After an information assembly, students will be given a week to register their interest on taking on the additional workload of an EPQ. As there are limited places, decisions are made based on GCSE effort and attainment, attendance and discussion with tutors and subject staff. Students will then start the EPQ in the January of year 12, and given the option of submitting their projects in November, or the following May. 

Past Projects

Past essays have included:

  • To what extent is quantum computing a viable technology for the future?
  • To what extent can the foreign stock market be predicted by using automated trading strategies
  • To what extent did engagement in Operation Barbarossa (1941) cause the Nazi Downfall
  • Were the benefits of the human genome project overstated?
  • To what extent could it be argued that The Hunger Games is a pioneering novel?
  • Is direct democracy a viable political system for modern day uk?
  • A critical analysis into the use of Algebraic and Topological methods in formal logic.

Past artefacts have included:

  • To build a wind turbine to charge a mobile phone. 
  • To produce a sensory to for a visually impaired child
  • The production of a tab book of modern songs for teh mandolin.