The West Bridgford School


Applications for Year 7 places (September 2023)

Applications for new year 7 places must be made to Nottinghamshire County Council before 31st October.  Further information about the Nottinghamshire County Council’s Coordinated Admissions Scheme can be found here.

In-Year Applications

Applications for In-year places are processed by the school.  We are oversubscribed in all year groups but if you wish to make an application for an in-year place at the West Bridgford School, please click here to complete our Admission Request Form a copy is also below if you wish to print and complete.

The outcome of your application will be sent in writing within 15 school days.


If a place has been refused and you wish to appeal this decision, please complete the Appeal Request form and email to

Appeals will be heard within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged.  Appeals are managed by an independent appeals clerk and heard by an independent panel.

For more information please contact Louise Attewell or email