The West Bridgford School

MMI Evening

Outstanding performance during students mock MMI's 

Every year the Post 16 team co-ordinate mock MMI's for aspiring Medical and Dentistry students. On Wednesday 11th December we had 12 eager students attended theirs in the Post 16 centre. 

As part of the interview process for Medicine and Dentistry, students will be given Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI). This consists of several short practical assessments, usually around 10 minutes each, that will test their ability to problem solve and make ethical judgements.  

This year 8 medical professionals  set up a range of activities to mirror the different activities that will happen in students actual MMI. The aim of the evening is for the students to understand the profession further, speak to a range of professionals within the industries and be prepared for university interviews by practising the skills and activities that will be required from them.

Feedback on the students performance was very complimentary and equally the students were very keen to ask questions and improve their performance. Many thanks to the professionals who gave up their time to help our aspiring students.