The West Bridgford School

Brightspace Badges for Years 7 and 8

The West Bridgford School believes that student success should be applauded. Every year our students enjoy a ‘Celebration Assembly’, where prizes are given out for out-standing incidences of success and it is heartening to see students applauding their peers for their efforts and achievements. Also throughout the year, Year 7 and 8 students can be awarded ‘Achievement Points’ by subject staff for doing well in lessons around the school. However, having a running total of these ‘Points’ sometimes lacks focus; what am I actually aiming for? Having aspirational ‘way-markers’ to collect can be very motivating.

In response to this, we have launched a new Awards scheme to encourage students to take a full part in school life. Students in Years 7 and 8 can now earn Badges that are awarded by Teachers and delivered through Brightspace. When your child achieves an Award they will get a pop up message when they log in to Brightspace. The system will then store their awards through their time in school in a personal online ‘Trophy Cabinet’ as seen below. They can even export their Awards so they don’t leave them behind when they move on from The West Bridgford School. Year 7 and 8 students can gain badges by earning merits from their teachers or by volunteering or taking part in extra-curricular activities. Students can even share their awards with parents over e-mail (make sure your child knows your email address!), so look out for these in your inbox. The scheme is planned to extend to the other year groups in the next few weeks.