The West Bridgford School

BBC School News Day

On Monday, 13th January, a group of 21 Year 8 students, with the guidance of Mr Beal and Miss Simmonds, participated in the BBC Young Reporter Day.

Different groups were put together and the students decided different areas they wanted to explore in their news report. They looked at how working in groups impacts their learning, recycling, what it means to be a good LGBT+ ally, changes to the school canteen and why, in some cases, girls and boys do separate sports in PE.

We had to gather our own data, arrange our own interviews and record our own broadcasts. This involved a lot of planning and organisation, as well as being able to use our team work and listening skills. We’ve had an amazingly successful day and can’t wait for the rest of the year group to see the broadcast in full later this half-term! Here are a few words the team to say:

“I had an amazing day. I learned that teachers have a different interpretation on things happening in school. Looking at PE in particular was really fun”


“After being nominated for this day by my English teacher, we brainstormed several ideas and then ironed out the intricacies of our subject – the changes to the canteen. The day passed in a whirlwind of in-terviews, filming and editing. I had lots of fun and would recommend this day to anyone who has the chance.”

“Today was a really interesting day for me. We looked at something people really want to change – recycling. I liked working around the whole school site and talking to peo-ple to gather data and opinions. We even got to present in front of a green screen!”

“Using a variety of ways to collect data, like filming interviews, questionnaires and sta-tistics, has made me more aware of what it is like to be a journalist.”

“Taking part in the BBC Young Reporter Day was enjoyable and made me realise that media and journalism are great careers to work in. Today taught me a lot and I can’t wait to find out more about it.”

“The experience was fascinating, because it wasn’t anything we had really thought of as a career before and you actually need a lot of skills and assets to do it!”

“I immensely enjoyed the experience of doing an interview and running a survey, as well as compiling the results into an informative video to potentially be shown on the BBC. This would help prepare me a job in the media, as well as being a thoroughly enjoyable experience.”

“I really enjoyed this day as I found it an eye-opening activity, as it showed me how real news reporters take their time to go out and collect evidence. I have been looking forward to this day ever since I heard about it.”

“I think it has been really good to have the opportunity to be able to do this; I think that it also gives the people doing it some time to work with the others and build new friendships!”
-The Y8 BBC Young Reporter Team