The West Bridgford School

"Incredibly entertaining and suspenseful"

A review by Ellie Setchfield (Year 10)

The West Bridgford school production of “The 39 Steps” is both incredibly entertaining and suspenseful. The thriller has an exciting story line, while including witty lines, which entertained the audience. The play tells the story of Richard Hannay (played by Blythe Reaney), who is framed for murder and pursued by the police, while also being pursued by a group of spies who believe he can give them information which he doesn’t have. All of the actors had brilliant expressions and accents, and every character was convincing because of their performance, costumes and the clever use of the set.

After seeing the film version of The 39 Steps, I think that the GCSE drama students reimagined it excellently. I particularly enjoyed the scene when Hannay and Pamela are arrested by Professor Jordan (criminal mastermind attempting to reveal the secret of The 39 Steps)‘s spies. It is funny and exciting, as the spies are useless.

The West Bridgford school production of The 39 Steps is definitely worth seeing and I would recommend it to anyone, especially adventure story or comedy lovers.