The West Bridgford School


…of supporting Year 12 Law students with a Law talk by a retired barrister and judge

Since offering Law initially some 4 years ago as an option, the subject has gone from strength to strength under the aegis of Mr Shaw. One of the reasons for this ongoing success is the enthusiasm Mr Shaw has for ensuring that students have exposure to different aspects of the law from differing perspectives. It was with this in mind that, with the help of Mrs Halliday, our Post-16 Careers, Intervention and Admin Assistant, Mr Shaw invited in John Burgess, a retired barrister and High Court Judge, to give our Year 12 Law students an overview of the legal system in the UK. Mr Burgess’ breezy, welcoming style and wealth of anecdotes were warmly greeted by the audience and there was a fascinating Q & A session where the students were invited to ask Mr Burgess anything. Some of the probing questions asked included, “Is there a case where you feel the jury got it wrong?” and “If there was a case you could revisit as a barrister, which one would it be?”. Mr Burgess was frank, open and witty throughout and this was reflected in student voice, which included comments like, “his talk gave me a good idea of working as a barrister and being able to ask him questions was good as we were able to hear an expert opinion.” Mr Burgess was equally complimentary, saying, “I was hugely impressed with your students. They asked very good questions and seemed very engaged. They did you proud.” It would surprise none of us that attended the talk if he had inspired some of the student body further towards a career in Law. Huge thanks to John Burgess and to Mrs Halliday and Mr Shaw for organising the talk – the students were visibly and vocally grateful.