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Rushcliffe Sports Awards Evening

Rushcliffe Sports Awards Evening

On Wednesday 22nd November the Rushcliffe Sports Awards Evening took place at the Becket...

Exam Certificates - Now Available to Collect

Exam Certificates - Now Available to Collect

Exam Certificates from the 2017 Exam season are now available to collect from the new Student...

Stonewall School Champion

Stonewall School Champion

“Our school is proud to have achieved this award and we will keep progressing to make a...

German Music Trip 2017

German Music Trip 2017

60 students and 6 staff including 3 of the school’s peripatetic Music teachers had a wonderful...

Post 16 Results – Mr Bowies Post 16 Results Report

Post 16 Results – Mr Bowies Post 16 Results Report

Located in the Bradbury Building, a newly extended block that more resembles a University...

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- Mr McDonough


studentsYou may have been aware that the 2017 provisional school performance tables have now been published and once again we have occasion to celebrate our standing in these tables.


Our GCSE ‘Attainment 8’ score, that is to say the achievements of our students in their best 8 subjects, is 60 points.  The percentage of our students achieving a grade 5 (previously a grade B) or above in English and maths is 77% and grade 4 (previously a grade C) is 92%. 


This attainment makes us the highest performing, non-selective, state funded school in the whole of the East Midlands.  An accolade we have achieved many times before.  Indeed, we even outperform many selective grammar schools in Lincolnshire. 


I am also very pleased that our progress 8 measure at +0.57 is described as ‘well above average’.  This level of progress, the value we add to our children above their expected outcomes, is the reason why we have achieved so highly.  Our progress figure indicates that we add more than half a GCSE grade to every child’s exam entry on top of the grade the children are expected to get.  This is difficult for us given our children’s starting points are comparatively high.  Yet, you can see from the performance tables that our progress figure is better than any of our comparable schools with similar starting points. 


The A level league tables have yet to be updated for 2017 and when they are parents will also see that we have achieved exceptionally well this year with a significant rise in our progress data. 


I do hope parents are proud of their local school because I feel you have good cause to be.  The West Bridgford School achieves well because it has fabulous children who aspire to be successful, supportive parents who engage fully with us and trust us, and outstanding well qualified staff who seek to do the very best for the children in their charge.  It is this potent combination which lies behind our success.


As the Principal of the school I am rightly proud to serve such an outstanding school and I wish to put on record my thanks to parents for your continued confidence in us.  You trust us to educate your child in the manner we think is best and I do hope you feel we repay this trust with our sustained year on year examination achievements.

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CCTV cameras are in operation on the school campus. The location of cameras is listed in our policy on this website.


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