Post 16 Open Evening

Post16 Open evening17Post-16 Open Evening Programme – Wednesday 18th October 2017




Mr Bowie – Welcome

6.20 - 6.50 for Tutor Groups  A, B, C, D

7.00  - 7.30 for Tutor Groups E, F, G, H

External Students are welcome to come to either session.

Hall- Main Building

Mr Deans– How to choose your A-Levels.

6.00, 6.20, 6.50, 7.15

Post-16 – Common Room

 Subject Fair

6.00 – 8.00


Please note the adjusted start times for the various talks.

If your child is in tutor groups A, B, C or D, we would suggest that you could attend a talk by Mr Deans in the Sixth Form Common Room from 6-6.15pm before attending Mr Bowie’s Welcome Talk in the Main Hall from 6.20-6.50pm. You should then head back to the Post-16 Centre for the Subject Fair.

If your child is in tutor groups E, F, G or H, we would suggest that you use the time prior to Mr Bowie’s talk to attend the talk by Mr Deans regarding how to make subject choices and then attend the Subject Fair, where staff and students are available to talk to regarding subject content and experience.

Please make sure that you pick up a prospectus and map from the gazebo at the top of the school drive or from the Post-16 Centre. Inside will be information regarding all subjects plus the entry requirements to help your child make the right decisions. Enclosed within the prospectus is the application form that needs to be completed and handed to Rebecca in the Post-16 Office by 24th November.

Refreshments are available in the Conference Room in the Post-16 Centre. We hope you have an informative and enjoyable evening.

The Post-16 Team