Healthy Body Healthy Mind Day!


Last Friday saw Year 7’s participate in their first collapsed down timetable day since joining in September – Healthy Mind Healthy Body Day! And what a day it was! It was action packed, from start to finish, with form groups taking part in a range of activities. We were fortunate to not only have one former Olympian join us for the day, but two! Nicola Minichiello (bobsleigh) and Joanne Jackson (swimming). Both women gave inspirational speeches not only about their lives and careers but also on how our pupils in Year 7 should have aspirations and believe they can achieve them.

Miss Rodgers and her GCSE Dancers delivered a fantastic Dance session – the theme this year was Bollywood, which included a dance off between the boys and girls in each form. There was also a chance for the forms to showcase their dance to another form in a ‘dance off’ - click here to see the fun! (Do take a look—it’s a great video!)

There was an exciting opportunity for students to make their own healthy smoothies. A blender filled with healthy ingredients was fixed to a stationary bike, so it was down to the pupils to pedal to blend it together – creating a healthy drink and having a mini workout!

Also on the day was an emotional, health and well-being advisor who led a great, informative session that was designed to give appropriate tips on wellbeing. Students were also able to learn and have a go on a few ‘practical exercises’ that looked at having a healthy mind and body.

Finally there was a Drumba session. This is a relatively new initiative run by a Notting-ham company that includes playing some drums and exercising – all too pop songs! This session was lively, fun and entertaining. Overall all the sessions were a fantastic success, with pupils speaking highly of them. Thank you to all the teachers and providers for making this one Healthy Mind Healthy Body Day to remember!!

Stride For Life 2016


Thursday 22nd September saw the annual Rushcliffe Stride for Life event, held to raise money for Breast Cancer research. Around 450 girls, from 6 of the local schools, congregated on Rushcliffe Country Park. The girls donned their pink shorts, t-shirts, accessories and face paints and were ready to run, jog, walk or amble the 5K route. Encouraged round by staff, marshals and each other we are extremely proud to say that 100% of the girls put in every effort to get round the course to the best of their own individual ability. A fabu-lous event and a wonderful turn out from our Year 10 girls.

Over £2,500 was raised from the event, thank you for all their support and the donations they made.

My Future Pathways 2016

17My Future Pathways is part of the careers programme and is an annual event for students in year 11.  This is an exciting time for many year 11s as they are on the cusp of considering what exciting options lay ahead of school life for them; some may be confused about what they are truly interested in doing next; some may have a very clear idea of life beyond year 11 and some will already have their career pathway mapped out! Whatever stage year 11s are at there was something to suit everybody on the day.


We took our lead from student feedback about their interests and the careers they wanted to hear more about. We were incredibly pleased with the variety of professions and pathways represented on the day.


Students pre-selected their preferred sessions and their personal timetable was issued in preparation for the day. The event took place in the Bradbury building, our Post 16 base, and from 8.15 – 2.45 the building was buzzing with students.


22Guest speakers from the University of Nottingham, Loughborough University, our very own Post 16, NCN and Confetti talked about a variety of possible pathways following on from year 11. Professionals from a variety of careers shared the pathway they took to get to where they are today, such as Sarah Teale, newsreader at the BBC, talked about her career pathway as well as the range of careers in the BBC. Students engaged and listened with interest to speakers from the world of medicine, teaching, finance, architecture, law, photography, hair & beauty, construction, psychology, creative media, careers in Boots and even how to set up your own business. My Future Pathways was an inspiring day for many.

The careers programme continues with:

Sixth Form Open Evening for year 11 on Tues 11 October

121 Inspire interviews 31 Oct - January

Mock interviews Thurs 1 and Tues 2 December


Click here to view the Careers and Opportunities 2016 Fair poster.


234Pupil voice:

My favourite session was Boots because I learnt about HR and that is what I want to get into. It was very beneficial – Becky Beresford


6th form session was very good. I learnt about how it works and what’s needed to get in, as well as what they offer – Lewis Kay


I learnt about the routes into careers and found the 6th form session very informative – Ella Rowson


Quite important to get an insight into what university is all about, and to learn about the options for the next 5 years of your life - Bradley Saywell


It was amazing - Lauren Ward


I learnt that an apprenticeship can be well paid and can offer long term career prospects - Amaan Razak


It was a very useful learning experience and I enjoyed it - Alex Forster


I really enjoyed it. The law session was the best! - Florence Reed:

We would like to thank all providers for giving their time and helping to make this event such a success.          


MSP WBS 18AUG16 1342New performance measures show…continued success!


GCSE and A Level results days at the West Bridgford School are always one of the highlights of the year. After many years of hard work, students finally find out if they have managed to attain the grades, that will allow them to move onto to next stage of their lives, equipped with the tools that will allow them to follow the routes they aspire to.  We are pleased to report that 2016 has been yet another very successful year, and we were able to celebrate the vast majority of our Post-16 students moving onto the university or apprenticeship of their choice.  Our GCSE students also achieved wonderful results, resulting in record recruitment to the Sixth Form, with our other leavers going onto a range of meaningful courses at college.

The article below by Mr Smith explains how the school has done in terms of ‘school measures and accountability’. Results are only part of the story of ‘Results Day’ however. The work of staff and parents in striving to maximise the potential of every student, both academically and in their education of the whole person, has resulted in the West Bridgford community delivering another year of exceptional young people to the world. This is something that we, as a community, can be proud of. We wish them well in their endeavours. Now begins the hard work of delivering on the potential of the class of 2017!


View images of our students on ‘Results Day’ here.


‘The scores on the doors’ – Mr SmithMSP WBS 18AUG16 1321

It is at this point that we normally give a simple numeric figure to show our success. However the ground has shifted in terms of demonstrating school achievement, with four new

key measures.  For each of the last six years up to 2015 West Bridgford has been the top performing school in Nottinghamshire for the ‘gold standard’ measure of five or more ‘good’ (C or above) grades at GCSE including English and mathematics (known as 5+A*-C En & Ma). For 2016 the government has removed this measure and introduced four new indicators which, they say, will provide a fairer and more comprehensive picture of school performance.

Of these, the nearest direct replacement for the old ‘gold standard’ is the new ‘basics’ measure of the percentage of students achieving C or above passes in English and maths. As almost all students achieving this level will also get further ‘good’ passes in other subjects and would consequently have met the previous benchmark, this measure does provide some comparison with previous years. This year 86% of our students achieved this mark, up from the 83% who got the ‘gold standard’ in 2015 and, we think, likely to put us at the very top of the Notts tables again for 2016.

The second new measure is known as Attainment 8 (A8 for short) which shows the average grade obtained by all students in the school from 6 ‘high value’ qualifications (English and maths count double, giving a total of 8). The average grade for our students this year is a ‘B’ which is a full grade and a half higher than the national average.

MSP WBS 18AUG16 1320Of course we know how fortunate we are to have so many able and hard-working students at WB who are always likely to do very well in their examinations and so it’s perhaps unsurprising that they achieve a high average grade. However, the third new measure called Progress 8 (P8) takes the outcome from A8 and looks to see how much progress students have made from their KS2 starting points. Our exact outcome for P8 will only be known when the government has processed all of the exam results from across the country but early indications suggest that we are likely to have achieved a score of around +0.4. This means that students here have done, on average, 0.4 (nearly a half) of a grade better per subject than could have been reasonably expected from their starting points. As P8 is likely to become the new ‘gold standard’, our score on this measure is probably the one we are most proud of this year as it shows very clearly the exceptional progress our students make in their time with us.

The final new measure for 2016 shows the percentage of students who achieve the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) which requires a grade C or above in all of the core academic subjects of English, maths, science, humanities and modern foreign languages. Although this is certain to be the least important of the new measures and, unlike many schools, we have never insisted that students opt for the entire EBacc suite, almost all of the students going down this route did achieve this mark.

At A Level our students saw their average points score per student rise significantly from last year’s results (1001) and APS per entry rise to 229. These are some of the best Post-16 results the school has ever seen.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

MSP WB 13JUL16 03692016 has certainly been a momentous year: we’ve seen Wales put England to shame in the European Championships; we’ve had the referendum on Europe; we’ve witnessed Andy Murray win Wimbledon for the second time; endured the sad loss of so many talented artists like David Bowie, Victoria Wood and Caroline Aherne et al; welcomed a new Prime Minister etc. However, this year is also momentous for another reason: it also marks the four hundredth anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.

To honour this event, there is a national celebration of Shakespeare’s work. Here, at The West Bridgford School, our GCSE Drama students (in collaboration with our Year 8, 9 & 10 pupils) make their own unique contribution to the celebrations by staging Shakespeare’s popular comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is, with hindsight, an apt choice of play. We are currently living in a period of confusion, where all the rules seem to have been changed. In the play, this scenario is indeed enacted through the integration of Theseus’ court with a protesting father and two rival lovers. Moreover, the intervention of supernatural world of Oberon, Titania and Puck overturn the natural order of things and send the lives of the protagonists into a state of turmoil. In addition, the lower orders are also affected in the shape of the Mechanicals: Bottom, for instance, is transformed into an Ass and is admired by a higher being, in the form of Titania. Nothing is as it should be: a possible reflection of the state of things today.

The West Bridgford School production is the culmination of the students’ creative ideas in response to the text. They have responded to Shakespeare’s play and produced their own collective interpretation: ideas have not been imposed upon them; they have come to their own conclusions and shaped the performance. It is their show; their interpretation of a wonderful play. Why not reserve a seat and celebrate Shakespeare’s genius with us?

Tickets are still available on the door for Friday 15 July- 7.30 till 9.30pm

More photos from the production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" are available to view on our Gallery Page, click here to view them.

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