20170214 141604 01The West Bridgford School has a long history of offering ski trips, for both Year 9 and Years 11/13.  Staff have even been approached by Year 6 parents at Open Evening asking for reassurance that ‘You will still be running the Ski Trip by the time they get to Year 11 won’t you?’ Both the Year 9 and 11/13 trips leaders are pleased to report that the school ski trips are still running successfully with over 90 students having the time of their lives over half-term. Mr Deans’ wife reminded him that this was the 20th anniversary of him being away on a school trip for Valentines Day (!) but when staff get to hear comments like ‘It’s the most beautiful landscape I’ve ever seen’, ‘I think I’ve made a new best friend’ and ‘It’s the first sport I’ve ever felt that I’m good at’ then they are inspired to continue to give up a week of their holidays to give students a chance to have this experience. The best way to see a snapshot of the student ski trip experience is to view one of the blogs that staff fill in over the week. Click here for Year 9 Pila and here for Year 11/13 Passo Tonale.

The February 2018 trips are both now full, though do watch out if a free place appears. Both Mr Brown and Mr Deans have already booked February 2019, at surprisingly similar prices to the last few years, and these will be advertised to Year 8 and Year 10/12 in September 2017.

West Bridgford School represent Rushcliffe Borough and bring 7 medals home!

Rowing TeamOnce again, West Bridgford School has been one of the leading schools at the Nottinghamshire Winter Games 2017. They qualified for 10 events out of a possible 14 in the initial tournament stages, beating the likes of Rushcliffe, Becket, South Wolds, and East-Leake.

The opening of the Winter Games started with the Girls Y8 Handball team. This was a relatively new sport on the West Bridgford PE curriculum but the girls trained hard during extra-curricular clubs to ensure they were ready for the tournament. The girls had 4 initial group matches and won 3 of these, narrowly missing out by 1 goal on the 4th game. They qualified as runners up for their section. They played exceptionally well during the quarter finals winning by a promising 5-1. The semi-final was a bit tougher but a great last minute goal put them through to the final. They then faced the team that they had lost against in the group stages. It was a tense 10 minutes with both teams battling to score a goal, but great saves by both keepers meant it was a 0-0 score line. 2 mins extra time and still no goals were scored.

It was then announced….. Dreaded Penalties – 3 from each school!! Saskia Holland stepped up to take the first penalty with extreme power that the keeper couldn’t react to and the ball hit the back of the net. The opponents then took their first penalty but Fran Roberts made a cracking save. Kat McDevlin then took the second penalty for WBS and managed to score in the bottom corner. Fran Roberts then made another great save putting WBS 2-0 up with no further penalties needed. WBS have now qualified through to the Regional Finals!

Girls Handball2Y8 Handball photo:Leanne Stewart, Eimer O’Sullivan, Maija Purves, Saskia Holland, Alice Godley, Hannah Atkins, Eddie Percival, Kat McDevlin, Gabby Burgess, Fran Roberts

WBS KS4 Boys Badminton team won all of their games with ease in the Nottingham Winter Games achieving Gold and now qualify for The Regional Tournament. The girls KS3 badminton team narrowly missed out at qualify for Regionals with a tough final which they ended up achieving a well deserved Silver medal.

The West Bridgford School Sports Hall Athletics teams – boys and girls both competed in the County Finals on Thursday 22nd February. The competition was of a very high standard with schools from seven other districts in the County. The Girls team finished in second place losing out to Fernwood School who themselves put in a very strong performance winning by 30 points. The boys ended up eventual champions in what was a very tightly fought competition.  The boys ended up on 112 points with only a 4 point gap between them and third place. This is a fantastic achievement for both teams and something they should be very proud of. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come for the upcoming Athletics season.

Girls Athletic2

Girls Athletics Team Lily Moss, Edie Winch, Jess Spencer Eva Straws, Paris Harris, Lily Hardman, Phoebe Simon

Boys Athletic 2

Boys Athletics Team Jack Brewington, Alex Vinning, Tom Southgate, James Kamochi, Joe Barkes, Jake Kirby

The Indoor Rowing team were faced with the challenge of rowing more metres than 5 other schools in the county, all of whom had qualified by winning their regional heats. The competition consisted of 20 races, some individual and some team based. After 18 races – and through our own calculations – we were in the top two along with George Spencer. There was a change in leader in the 19th race (Y9, 10 and 11 boys – 12 minute row), which we lost by 100m, and so going into the final race we found ourselves in 2nd overall. Over to the Y9, 10 and 11 girls. After a gruelling race the girls won by 136m, which meant after rowing over 25,000 metres in total, we won Gold by under 40m. A great achievement by all involved!

The Multi-Sport Challenge was a really tough competition for the WBS due to them entering mainly KS3 pupils, despite this they gave every event 100% effort and competed with a big smile on their faces. They narrowly missed out on the Bronze medal by 1 point but were presented with the Good Spirit Award due to their grit and determination.


The Rowing Team Photo is at the top of this article, and features Tess McManus, Jasmine Pole, Liam McKinlay, Michael Collins, Will Bailey, Finan Albery, Tilly Thomas, Evie Tyler, Grace Rigby, Beth Taylor, Anthony O’Brien, Sam Collins


nonuniform teamDocumented in issue 73 of WB Post were the fundraising activities for Broxtowe Youth Homelessness Charity who want to say a massive thank you to staff and Year 11 students who helped raise a total of £1875.00. The charity are overwhelmed with the money raised. They collected the cheque at the Year 11 Celebration assembly in December.


music groupOne of the paramount achievements of a young musician in the UK is to attain a place in the National Children’s Orchestra. In footballing terms it is the equivalent of playing for England Under-16’s at Wembley, or a dancer appearing on stage at the Royal Ballet. The competition to take one of the limited number of places is fierce and some regions of the UK struggle to get just 1 or 2 musicians accepted.

The school is thus very proud of the fact that we have 4 NCO musicians in our school community. Kate Roadknight Yr 8, Annabel Stevens Yr 9, Erin Vinter Yr 9 (all viola) and Katrina Culshaw Yr 8 (violin) are all in the NCO simultaneously. Kate, Annabel and Erin have successfully gained a place in the Under 14 NCO, also known as the main orchestra. This, sadly, will be their last year in the orchestra. Annabel and Erin have also been leaders of the viola section.

The main orchestra is extremely difficult to get into. The girls make up a quarter of the violas, which we believe, is unheard of. Katrina has been a member of the under 11's & 12's in the 2nd violins. She has successfully gained a position in the Under 13's. The competition for violins is extremely fierce as the standard is very high. For all of the girls to retain their place is a credit to them and is a reward for all of their hard work and talent.

To achieve such excellence requires a lifetime of effort and the dedication of a string of excellent teachers. They all started their string career with Mrs Alison Sutton at Jesse Gray primary school. It was under her tuition that they first gained a place at NCO. As well as the main orchestras, the girls (except Katrina) are also part of the NCO Easterlies region and play each month in Cambridge.

They will face 3 residentials this year, all over the country, and will play together in December in Birmingham. All four girls are members of the Nottingham Youth Orchestra, play in a quartet and play with other local string groups. They are also members of the school string and orchestra groups. Mr Dyer has concerts throughout the year, featuring the talented musicians that the school is lucky enough to have within its community.

If you have never attended we cannot encourage you enough to buy a ticket for the next one, on the 8th February in the School Hall. The standard of musicianship is masterly.

(Many thanks to Mrs Roadknight for supplying information on the girls’ progress)



OxbridgeWe have enjoyed some wonderful successes this year with our Oxbridge applicants

Every year, the school supports a significant number of our students who choose to apply to either Oxford or Cambridge with our Oxbridge Application Group as well as an Oxbridge Information Evening (running this year on Tuesday 31st January) and two mock interviews— one subject-based and one personal statement based.

I am delighted to be able to report that we have gained 8 offers for Oxbridge courses! The students in question are (from left to right below) Leon Hughes (History at Oxford), Imogen Dobson (English at Cambridge), Gabrielle Saperia (Economics & Management at Oxford), Sara Rashid (Experimental Psychology at Oxford), Helena Trenkic (History at Cambridge) and Amy Forbes (History at Oxford). Two students from last year’s cohort—Eleanor Collard (Chinese at Oxford) and Jeevith Gnanakumaran (Engineering at Cambridge) were also successful in gaining places.

Congratulations to all those who got offers but also to those students who gained an interview against the toughest competition to be found anywhere nationally.

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