young enterprise 2017Hearty congratulations to 'Qwest', this year's Young Enter-prise team, who were winners at the Nottingham Area Final as well as winning 'Best Financial Management'. They pro-gress to the County Final in May. Their success continues a decade long run of wins for our YE teams. Mr Whitmarsh will be needing a new trophy cabinet!



Report by Year 13 Student Christian Newman

The absolute success of last year’s Debate Week on the EU Referendum meant that attempting to follow it proved challenging. After a period of speculating on various topics of the Debate Week, these said topics were proposed to representatives from each year group via the School Council. From this, it was evident that the debate on animal testing was perfect in raising discussion and splitting the group.

The finalised title was decided: ‘Animal Testing cannot be justified and therefore should be banned’. The introduction of Morgan and Joe from Post 16, who were kind enough to volunteer themselves to front each side of the argument, meant the Debate Week soon gathered momentum.

There was thorough research for the differing sides to the debate. These arguments were then relayed to the four terrific volunteers from each year group to front the debate for their year. Everyone involved passionately and fluently put their side of the argument across in the debate within the series of assemblies throughout the week.

The debate after school on Wednesday was dramatic and well-argued. All of those in attendance, drawn from all levels of the school, contributed by making challenging points for those on the panel to respond to. In that position, it was truly uncertain which side was going to arise victorious from the whole school vote on the Friday. The final result, however, was clear: the whole school voted and by a clear margin the majority voted that animal testing should not be banned.

Comments from students:

“The results were quite shocking in that people agree to keep animal testing”

“I thought the assembly was really good because it shared different reasons why it should and should not be banned”

“An amazing experience for the school and the students who have strong opinions on this subject”

“I love the concept of Debate Week, and I was one of the proud people to take part in the assembly. I will probably volunteer again next year”

“On Friday 24 March, counting the votes was very intense. We counted flawlessly! It was a landslide win to keep animal testing”


Please click here if you would like to watch the assembly where two sides argue for and against animal testing being banned. The students would be very interested in what YOU think. If you would like to vote click here.



scifi dayFriday 10th February saw the West Bridgford School invaded by aliens, space ships and a lot of glitter! Year 8 spent the day working in Art, Design and technology becoming designers and innovators of science fiction film production.

Pupils chose to work in a variety of workshops including – creating storyboards, set design, space vehicles, alien food, making trailers and costume design. The workshops were run by all the staff of the Art, Design and Technology Department. During the workshops points were awarded for creativity, organisation, problem solving, and outcomes. The form with the most points won and it was….. 8E!

Pupils spent the day being creative and inventive with materials and ideas, developing skills in problem solving and initiative; linked to the many industries within the creative sector such as illustration, 3D design, engineering, film, TV and advertising.

With the creative industries contributing an estimated £84.7 billion to the UK economy, 2.8 million jobs and exports of £17.9 billion these are certainly skills and professions pupils may well find them-selves using or working in, in the future.

The day was really positive and fun with pupils really engaging with all the tasks, coming together at the end of the day to present their tutor groups response to the design challenge to Mr Peacock - Head teacher. All the staff and pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day. Click here to view the evidence!


World Book Day 2017Staff and pupils have been involved with a variety of activities to promote reading this week, as World Book Day was on the Thursday, 2nd March.

Many members of staff dressed up as their favourite literary figures and pupils were invited to guess who they were; doors around school were decorated in the theme of books, a book swap has been taking place in the Learning Centre and there are displays promoting reading.

There was a real buzz around school and it was great to see so many of the pupils getting involved!

The West Bridgford School Dancers – Disneyland Paris 2017

Celebrating with the trophiesOn Friday 17th February 2017, 31 of the West Bridgford School’s dance students took to the stage in Disneyland Paris. Whilst there they competed against 7 dance schools from across the UK as well as Canada and Germany. The standard of competition was high with most of the dance schools receiving pre-professional training; where one dance school from Canada received 25 hours training each week!

The girls took to the stage with 36 routines in total including; 8 group pieces and 28 duets and solos. The routines boasted a variety of styles from jazz, tap and ballet to acro/gym, lyrical and hip-hop. The girls performed in dazzling costumes including sequin coated dresses for ‘Feeling Good’, chequered leggings and tutus for ‘Wonderland’ as well as gold sparkling tops for the ‘Lion King’.  The girls felt nervous, yet entered the stage with their heads held high and gleaming smiles ready to compete for the selection of trophies which were on offer.

The competition day ended after 8 hours of dancing and the girls all sat on the stage nervously waiting for the final results! The room was filled with excitement and applause when the West Bridgford Schools students’ names were called winning, in total, 12, 1st place trophies for solos and duets. Next up to be announced were the group dances. Yet again the West Bridgford School dance group was announced as winning 6, 1st place trophies and 2, 2nd place medals for the group performances. In addition to this, the judges also announced the West Bridgford School as receiving the highest scoring group performance. Another trophy to add to the collection! What a fantastic achievement for the students and the school. The girls were elated at this brilliant news!

The best result however, was yet to come as all of the students involved turned their attention to the one remaining Group Photo with Minnie and Mickeytrophy. The biggest trophy of all! This trophy was to be awarded for the highest overall score total from the competition day. The room fell silent and a drum roll began. The announcer paused before revealing that the West Bridgford School were the overall winners of the international competition! The girls rushed to their feet to collect their prize and emotions were running high, not only from the students but also from all of the staff that attended.

The students and staff celebrated with an evening meal in the Disneyland park reflecting on the achievements of the day. The dancing however, was not over yet! The following day, well rested and ready to go, the students made their way to the Disney Castle in the Magic Kingdom. Following the students’ audition for the pre-parade on the previous day there was even more exciting news ahead! The West Bridgford School was asked to lead the Disney pre-parade down Mainstreet USA in front of 15,000 spectators. A once in a lifetime experience for the girls involved, creating memories that would last a lifetime.

This trip certainly had the extra special sprinkle of fairy dust and was one that will never be forgotten! Congratulations and Well done to all those involved in Disneyland Paris 2017!

Click here to view a brief video of the trip!


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