The Year 7 Term So Far!

It has been a very busy term for Year 7 with lots to celebrate. We started with the team building visits to Lea Green Activity Centre in Derbyshire.  Over the four wettest days in October, two Year 7 tutor groups per day defied the torrential rain to successfully tackle an outdoor assault course, outdoor den building and scaling the cave. The tutors and I were thrilled to see the camaraderie and goodwill shown by all pupils to their peers; their behaviour and conduct was impeccable. Sadly the same could not be said for their mud entrenched clothing at the end of each day!Y7 Cel

 Our Welcome Concert at the end of October was a huge success. A special mention needs to go to our fourteen fabulous soloists who braved the bright lights and gave an excellent performance; Lucy Roadknight, Daniel Maughan, Rachel Feinstein, Luca Marshall, Haniah Raza, Bethany Buah, Filip Trenkic, Mia Coss, Anna Sosin, Grace Campbell, Luke Pike, Zack Schofield, Katherine Liu and Anton Stoger.

Tutor groups 7E & 7F gave a wonderful performance of Vois Sur Ton Chemin under the guidance of Mr Mills and Mr Dyer and also need to be commended for their extra special performance. The year group as a whole sang beautifully. Clearly, we have an exceptionally talented year group and this bodes very well for our talent show next year.

Our chosen year group charity is Children in Need and we were delighted to have collected nearly £300 at the end of the Welcome Concert evening towards this very worthwhile cause. Non uniform day in November was our next chance to shine. Year 7 advertised this event to the whole school in a week of assemblies and asked for everyone to wear something spotty on the day in support of Children in Need. Our break time cake sale was huge; Mrs Clarke’s office was jammed with cakes donated by Year 7. The total amount raised on non-uniform day was £1800, a truly phenomenal amount of money! We ran competitions and sold wrist bands to maximise our fundraising – it was a real team effort.

Finally, we have just had our first Celebration Assembly of the year. Olympic Gold Medallist Etienne Stott was our guest speaker and gave a very inspiring speech to the year group about trying your best and working towards achieving your potential. The focus of our assembly was a celebration of effort; awards were given to those who have made an exceptional start to their time here at West Bridgford School by trying their best and going above and beyond what is expected of them.


Miss Masterson – Director  of Learning for Transition.

U14 County Champions

 The U14 Girls’ Netball Team took part in their annual County Tournament at Rushcliffe school recently to try to qualify for Regionals. This is th
U14 County Champions3e first year the girls have had this goal as they have just reached National Age Group competitions. In their previous 2 years’ of County Tournaments, the girls have fought hard but have come 2nd to a stronger NGHS team. This year the team were determined to defeat their rivals and had showed great promise in their Central Venue Tournament (mentioned in the last issue of the WB post) in which they emerged as champions. Through some easy victories and one tough half against Rushcliffe school, the team qualified for the Finals and unsurprisingly met the High School. After weeks of commitment to training and a sustained strong and skilful team performance, the girls annihilated their opposition 12-6 to progress to Regionals in January as Nottinghamshire County Champions! Let the hard work continue!!

The Big Dig

When the school moved to Loughborough Road in 1938 war was in the air.  By the start of the next school year war had been declared and as pupils gathered they saw the fruits of rapid preparations which had taken place over the summer – twelve solid air raid shelters arranged around the perimeter of the Girls Hockey Pitch. But where are they now?DSCN0298
Most disappeared under new buildings in the 1970’s and are now under the dining hall, staff room and theatre.  But an aerial photograph in the school archives revealed the location of four along the hedge bordering Kingswood Road.  Interesting lumps and bumps on the ground raised hopes that something might still be there to give us a window into the past, and so the Big Dig was born.
Support from the Head and Governors, input from the Community Archaeology team, and a bunch of enthusiastic year 13 students, and we were in business.DSCN0276
So what did we find?  At first just a load of demolition rubble, but indications that we had found a substantial structure.  Some intriguing ‘finds’, including Victorian clay pipe fragments and 1960’s bottles, raised the excitement and took us deeper.  By the time the Press came to see what was going on we had gone as deep as we dared, with the potential instability of the rubble causing concern – so in came The Men With The Digger!  No wonder Time Team resorted to heavy equipment to meet their time limits.  Within a morning they had uncovered the whole end of the shelter, doorway, internal blast wall and even the metal supports where the wooden benching had been.  About 5 feet deep, it would have stood almost as much above ground but banked up with earth to give extra protection.  Each one was nearly 60 feet long and could accommodate two classes.  And according to former pupil Joan Rushton, wartime students grew vegetables, for the school kitchen, in front of the shelters – although it didn’t improve the quality of the school dinners!
Of course the team wanted to go further, uncover the whole structure and conserve it as a resource, but practical considerations and lack of funding for such a massive project had to prevail.  Our Dig was always intended as a ‘test trench’ and so now we have to write up our report with all the photographs and drawings, mark out the site with sunken kerbstones and put up a board recording the story - and maybe at some point in the future look for funding to uncover one of the other three shelters and turn it into an outdoor classroom.
This has been an exciting opportunity to learn new skills, work with professional archaeologists, combine historical research and practical excavation, and also hear at first hand from ‘old scholars’ what life was like at West Bridgford during the dark days of World War II.
Ailish D’Arcy, History Department

West Bridgford Swimmers make a splash against Becket!

On Thursday 21st November, the West Bridgford School’s Year 8 and Year 9’s took on The Becket school for their first ever school swim gala.
swim1The tensions were high; the pool was alive with the crème de la crème of the Bridgford swimmers! With nerves, excitement and anticipation, the swimmers could barely wait to dive in. 
The races finally commenced! West Bridgford took an early lead by winning all of the Front Crawl races 4/4, we were on to a winner! Then Back stroke, we took another 3/4wins! By Breast stroke we were on for a steady win. A last minute change of plan we decided to add in an extra race …. Butterfly! Our butterfly champions topped the leader boards again! Winning 4/4 races!
Everyone was buzzing with excitement! We couldn’t believe our wealth of talent!
The final races were a year 8 and a year 9 mixed individual medley relay, we swam to victory winning both relays and finishing on a 114 - 77 points victory for West Bridgford!
Well done to all of the swim Team with a special mention to Katie Henderson, Alanna Currie, Daniel Aldred, Michael Pawluk and a huge Thank you to all of the sports leaders for all of their help!
We now look forward to holding on to our victorious title on Thursday 5th December when The West Bridgford Year 10’s and 11’s take on The Becket for a second time round!

Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Recruitment Event

This is the third year running that we have held the above event in the Post 16 centre.
Following an assembly delivered to the students by the Anthony Nolan staff last week, 36 of our Post 16 students have joined the bone marrow register.
This is a fantastic response yet again.
Keith Sudbury who is the founder of the register has passed on his sincere thanks to all involved.
Jo McKee
Post 16 Enrichment Coordinator

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