Athletics Season 2017

IMG 7057West Bridgford has a long standing tradition of outstanding athletics success and this season has been no different with our teams producing some brilliant team and individual performances.  We enter as many events as we can to ensure students get as many opportunities as they can to compete and to improve over the various athletic disciplines.  Here is a summary of the Athletics Season -

ESAA National Cup

Every year we enter four teams into the highly competitive and prestigious ESAA National Cup and 2017 was no different.  At the County event we scored enough points in in the Junior Boys, Junior Girls and Intermediate Boys to progress and they all represented the County at the Regional Finals at Harvey Hadden in June.  The Regional Finals includes the highest 8 points scoring school teams from Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, West Yorkshire and Derbyshire. 

The step up in class was significant and although all three teams scored more points than the county event we were unsuccessful in gaining qualification to the National Finals in Oxford.  However, the Intermediate Boys finished second and missed out on a place at the prestigious National Finals (top 8 schools in England) by 6 points!!  This is the closest West Bridgford have EVER got to reaching this national event.  A fantastic achievement given some of the resources available to the numerous private and larger schools that tend dominate at this level.

Rushcliffe Area Championships

Intermediate Boys Relay

In the Rushcliffe Area Championships, the Year 9/10 teams once again were victorious in winning the overall competition with three teams winning their respective agecategories and just the Junior Boys missing out by 

finishing second.  Some noticeable performances came from Bea Munro who ran 4.59 in the Junior Girls 1500m, Lauren Harrison-Oakes who threw 21.68 in the Inter Girls Discus, Toby Percival who ran 4.30 in the Inter Boys 1500m and Harry Keown who jumped 5.42 in the Inter Boys Long Jump and Matthew Bondswell who ran 22.9 in the 200m.  Perhaps the highlight of the event was the Intermediate Boys 4x100m relay who clocked an impressive 46.23 seconds (11.5 seconds each is seriously quick!).

In the Year 7/8 Rushcliffe area Championships the athletes acquitted themselves fantastically well with some outstanding performances. Some particular highlights were Alice Godley whose sprint finish took her from 4th to 3rd place in the 1500m, Chloe Dickens winning the 100m sprint by over 5 metres, Romy Kells and Cat Devlin who finished 1st and 2nd in the Year 8 discus, James Kamochi winning the Year 7 Triple Jump, Edward Parry and Dylan Hughes finishing 1st and 3rd in the 1500m and Aidan Masters performing so well in the high jump.  At the time of going to press, we were still waiting for the results but at first glance it appears that once again West Bridgford will be right at the top of the pile!!


IMAG2021Sports Day 2017

As in previous years the PE department run a sports day for each of the four remaining year groups in the summer term and this year huge congratulations go to, 8, 9, 10 and 11 who were successful in winning their respective sports days.

The first sports day of the year was won by 8F who beat 8C by 21 points with the standout performances on the day coming from Lily Moss in the High Jump, Eva Straw in the Javelin, Tom Southgate in the 1500m and Aidan Masters in the High Jump.

Second up was the Year 9 sports day and 9F successfully defended their sports day title and won by some margin. Cat Devlin, Edward Parry and Saskia Holland producing standout performances and scoring top points for their form.

The Year 11 Sports Day is to be held on Friday 14th with the 4th and final event, the year 10 competition, to be held on Wednesday 18th July so fingers crossed for good weather and good performances to finish these events.


English Schools National Competition – Alexandra Palace, Birmingham.

On Saturday July 7th Matthew Bondswell represented Nottinghamshire in the Intermediate Boys Triple Jump at the English Schools Track and Field Competition.  Matthew has qualified for this event for three years in a row and continues to make solid progress in an event that he really excels in.  In 2015 he finished 4th as a bottom age Junior Boy, in 2016 he won the event to become National Champion as a top age Junior Boy and this year as a bottom age Intermediate he finished 2nd taking the silver medal jumping 13.67m.  Many congratulations on this fantastic silver medal.



nusFor the first time, our NUS President was new to school in Year 12

The NUS Committee are the Sixth Form’s organising group. Without them, all sorts of important social events (for example, mixer events, the Transition and Induction Days mixer, Year 13 Prom) simply would not happen. They are also integral in assisting at official school events, and you will always find a representative in evidence at Year 12 and 13 Consultation Afternoons, the Post-16 Open Evening as well as the many Information Evenings that we host as a school for the benefit of our Post-16 students and their parents.

The Committee is voted for by both Year 12 students and staff, and this year’s competition was as fiercely contested as ever. Following an introductory assembly, students were asked to apply, and those that did were then invited to detail their “manifestos” at Year 12 assembly on Monday 3rd July. Following the vote on July 6th, I am delighted to announce that the Committee for 2017-18 will be (from left above) Adia Quiggin, Hannah Reed, Joe Radford, Tadhg Hussey (President) and Tyra Bhaggan (not pictured). It is an outstanding team who I am sure will represent their peers and the school well. It says everything about the inclusive nature of our Post-16 that a student who was new to school in September 2016 has managed to make such a huge impression on staff and peers and become the NUS President less than a year later. Well done to all of our Committee members – we very much look forward to working with them in the near future.


EModel Clubvery year the Model Flying Club organises a trip to Tollerton Airport where the students get to fly in a Piper Tomahawk.


This year ten students, accompanied by Mr Green and Ms North, were on the trip. After a short minibus journey we arrived at the Airport and were greeted by our instructor for the day, Francis. He gave us some basic housekeeping information and then we all went outside for a Safety Briefing. After this was over the flying started, First to go was Eddie Trigg from Yr 10 who has a great deal of experience and skill with his own R/C model aircraft, but who had never been on the trip before and had never been in a light aircraft. Half an hour later he landed and the smile on his face said it all. This was to be repeated throughout the day as Francis worked his way through the flying list. During the day visiting aircraft were arriving and de-parting adding to the experience and we also got to see several Helicopters and a much rarer Gyrocopter.


As in previous years the weather was very good with excellent visibility, which allowed the best possible view of the area. Most students flew near the school, but found it difficult to pick it out in the conurbation.


When all the flying was done there was a tour around the visiting Fire Engine. We also got a tour round the Hangar and were able to sit in the four seater aircraft owned by the company.


Finally it was time for the group photograph and home to tell parents and anyone who would listen what a great day they had.

Ramadan 2017

wb picRamadan starts on 27 May and last for 30 days.  This is a time for our Muslim community to come together and consider how much we have and think about those less fortunate.  Some of the ways we do this is by fasting from sunrise until sunset, at which points we read the prayers to close and open the fast. 

During the time of fasting I remember to appreciate the things I have and the people in my life, as well as give time to God.

School gives us support by putting a reflection space in the Learning Centre for students who are observing Ramadan.  This is a food-free area and students are invited to sit and have some quiet time with a display of artwork and information put together by students and religious objects such as prayer mats and the Quran.  It is also a time for others to learn about this special observance.

Good things everybody could do to show support is to give to charity, do simple acts of kindness towards others, be supportive and encouraging towards your friends who might be fasting, and share your positive knowledge about Ramadan.

At the end of Ramadan we have Eid-al-Fitr.  This is a time to celebrate and come together with family and friends to enjoy all we have given up during Ramadan.

Some comments from students observing Ramadan:

“This year I am fully fasting.  It makes me feel appreciative and stronger” L Mellahi

“A priority for me is not wasting food and remembering the less fortunate.  It makes me feel happy and proud” Z Shah

“I am partially fasting and makes me feel more grateful for the things I have particularly for those people who feel hungry all the time”

Canvas artwork and article written by A Hussain


Year 11 last day 12th May 2017

WP 20170512 12 42 31 ProYear 11’s ‘official’ last day is a ‘rite of passage’ which was anticipated with a range of emotions by students and staff alike. On Friday 12th May, there were lots of smiles as the students arrived for their last day of lessons before the study leave and exams period commences in earnest.

There were also, however, tears and hugs as the year group, head of year, tutors, teachers and support staff came together to share memories and reflect on everything that had been achieved over the last five years at the Celebration Assembly at the end of the day lead by Mrs McKee- Head of year 11.  Following this, the hall was cleared for year 11, giving all students an opportunity to have their shirt signed, take photos and say their goodbyes to staff.

There was tutor time as normal in the morning, where students and tutors were given the opportunity to have photos taken with their respective tutor groups and say thank you’ s and goodbyes.

Four lessons followed, after which the students had lunch and then made their way to Celebration Assembly in the hall where they were greeted by music and a display of photos of them ranging from year 7- 11! The student awards/prize giving began, followed by a magnificent film showcasing the suberb media skills of Jonathan Metcalf 11a and Tanisha Basra 11a. The film combined photo and video memories from the last five years as well as a collection of clips from staff wishing students well, including a song written and performed by Mr Elston and a poem by Miss Toms.

Nikita Sahni 11d was presented with a special gift for all she has done to help organise the Prom, and student, Niamh O’Sullivan 11g, was given a prize for outstanding punctuality and attendance. Oliver Latham 11a and Jasmine Pole 11a were commended for always giving 100% engagement & enthusiasm to school life and always going the extra mile throughout time at WBS.

Head of school, Mr Peacock, commended the class of 2017, saying he knew they would make everyone proud this summer and wishing them all the very best now and in the future.

We now look forward to seeing students all dressed up in their finery at the Prom on 22nd June at Colwick Hall.

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