Post 16 Results – Mr Bowies Post 16 Results Report

a level res 17Located in the Bradbury Building, a newly extended block that more resembles a University faculty, The West Bridgford School’s Post-16 is a vibrant and growing community of 352 that welcomes in a significant number of new to school students every year. Rated Outstanding by OFSTED (2011), we are proud to be a community based Sixth Form that retains extremely strong ties to the lower school. Our expanding numbers have necessitated significant investment in new staff and we were delighted to welcome Mrs Caroline Nolan to a new Post 16 Intervention post in June 2017. In combination with the school also investing heavily in ICT via BrightSpace and the BrightSpace Pulse app which will enable students to access resources, marked work and results on their mobile devices, we are confident that we will continue to go from strength to strength in the future.

Whilst our results are always excellent, we were particularly thrilled by our A level exam results this year. At the top end, 6 of the 8 students who were made offers from Oxford or Cambridge secured their places. Huge congratulations to Leon Hughes (History at Oxford), Gabrielle Saperia (Economics & Management at Oxford), Helena Trenkic (History at Cambridge), Amy Forbes (History at Oxford), Eleanor Collard (Chinese at Oxford) and Jeevith Gananakumaran (Engineering at Cambridge). In addition, 7 students (Mia Cooke, Inaya Khan, Seyta Diop, Jacob Piechota, Fateen Maqbool, Ismail Mellahi and Ella Smith) were successful in securing a coveted place to study Medicine. Other students who gained places in very competitive courses were James Walton (Dental Surgery at Plymouth University), Liza Chudakova (Dentistry at Sheffield University) and Issey Fellows (Veterinary Science at Nottingham University). It is a testament to their hard work and the support they received whilst at school that they were able to be so successful. Perhaps even more revealing of the positive ethos and ideology that surrounds the Sixth Form is our VA (value added) score. This is the measure that puts our students’ results up against similar schools across the country. With a VA this year of +0.25, our students have done on average a quarter of a grade better than could be reasonably expected, and sometimes significantly more. My own favourite story is of the student who from base targets of BCC in Year 12 achieved results of A*BB. So shocked was he that he ran in through a downpour on results morning to tell me that there was a mistake with his results. His subsequent delight on hearing that there was no mistake reminded me of why I have the best job in the school.

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