German Exchane - in poem form!

DSC 01526:30 from school is when we'd depart,

And this is where our journey would start,

The German exchange is what we were on,

The coach journey was fun but rather long,

14 hours later we were finally there,

The girls faces no makeup and bare,

All very tired but ready to go,

Our partners were there to point and show,

We settled down for the night,

Hoping that the mosquitos wouldn't bite.


Free time in the Köln was rather sound,

Ellis and Leo navigating around,

Even though the museum was interesting,

A lot of us weren't even listening.


The weekend had come and it was time to relax,

Well that's what we thought but we lived life to the max,


With the families we went to Phantasialand,

But after all the rides we couldn't even stand!

Over 10 thousand steps I walked that day,

All of us ready to relax not play.


But the next  five days were still to come,

All of these were full of fun, 

Aachen on Monday meant three countries done,

We were lucky as the sun shone.


Next was Bonn and Haribos galore,

Toly bought lots from the store.

A Rhine boat ride up next - a rest was well-earned,

Leo spent too long in the sun and burned.


Königsallee in Düsseldorf was very flash,

This did mean we spent a lot of cash!

The Neanderthal museum was good as we wandered through dirt,

Ellis was chuffed with his new t-shirt.


Cologne again only not for so long,

The decision to buy ice cream was not wrong,

Back to school for a football game,

Luca couldn't play, what a shame,


After an early start we said bye to our partner,

MickMikes stories had no middle, end or start,

We were sad to leave them in Germany alone,

But now everyone was ready to go home,

I could always tell you more,

But then I may become a bit of a bore. 


Leo McGrath and Luca Marshall 

Year 11 


More photo's from the German Exchange can be viewd by clicking here

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