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GCSE and A Level results days at the West Bridgford School are always one of the highlights of the year. After many years of hard work, students finally find out if they have managed to attain the grades, that will allow them to move onto to next stage of their lives, equipped with the tools that will allow them to follow the routes they aspire to.  We are pleased to report that 2016 has been yet another very successful year, and we were able to celebrate the vast majority of our Post-16 students moving onto the university or apprenticeship of their choice.  Our GCSE students also achieved wonderful results, resulting in record recruitment to the Sixth Form, with our other leavers going onto a range of meaningful courses at college.

The article below by Mr Smith explains how the school has done in terms of ‘school measures and accountability’. Results are only part of the story of ‘Results Day’ however. The work of staff and parents in striving to maximise the potential of every student, both academically and in their education of the whole person, has resulted in the West Bridgford community delivering another year of exceptional young people to the world. This is something that we, as a community, can be proud of. We wish them well in their endeavours. Now begins the hard work of delivering on the potential of the class of 2017!


View images of our students on ‘Results Day’ here.


‘The scores on the doors’ – Mr SmithMSP WBS 18AUG16 1321

It is at this point that we normally give a simple numeric figure to show our success. However the ground has shifted in terms of demonstrating school achievement, with four new

key measures.  For each of the last six years up to 2015 West Bridgford has been the top performing school in Nottinghamshire for the ‘gold standard’ measure of five or more ‘good’ (C or above) grades at GCSE including English and mathematics (known as 5+A*-C En & Ma). For 2016 the government has removed this measure and introduced four new indicators which, they say, will provide a fairer and more comprehensive picture of school performance.

Of these, the nearest direct replacement for the old ‘gold standard’ is the new ‘basics’ measure of the percentage of students achieving C or above passes in English and maths. As almost all students achieving this level will also get further ‘good’ passes in other subjects and would consequently have met the previous benchmark, this measure does provide some comparison with previous years. This year 86% of our students achieved this mark, up from the 83% who got the ‘gold standard’ in 2015 and, we think, likely to put us at the very top of the Notts tables again for 2016.

The second new measure is known as Attainment 8 (A8 for short) which shows the average grade obtained by all students in the school from 6 ‘high value’ qualifications (English and maths count double, giving a total of 8). The average grade for our students this year is a ‘B’ which is a full grade and a half higher than the national average.

MSP WBS 18AUG16 1320Of course we know how fortunate we are to have so many able and hard-working students at WB who are always likely to do very well in their examinations and so it’s perhaps unsurprising that they achieve a high average grade. However, the third new measure called Progress 8 (P8) takes the outcome from A8 and looks to see how much progress students have made from their KS2 starting points. Our exact outcome for P8 will only be known when the government has processed all of the exam results from across the country but early indications suggest that we are likely to have achieved a score of around +0.4. This means that students here have done, on average, 0.4 (nearly a half) of a grade better per subject than could have been reasonably expected from their starting points. As P8 is likely to become the new ‘gold standard’, our score on this measure is probably the one we are most proud of this year as it shows very clearly the exceptional progress our students make in their time with us.

The final new measure for 2016 shows the percentage of students who achieve the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) which requires a grade C or above in all of the core academic subjects of English, maths, science, humanities and modern foreign languages. Although this is certain to be the least important of the new measures and, unlike many schools, we have never insisted that students opt for the entire EBacc suite, almost all of the students going down this route did achieve this mark.

At A Level our students saw their average points score per student rise significantly from last year’s results (1001) and APS per entry rise to 229. These are some of the best Post-16 results the school has ever seen.

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