Sixth Form Trip to Brussels!!

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Most of us were a little apprehensive to go to Brussels to say the least. The recent arrest of terrorist suspects in Brussels preyed on our minds. Then, after the Brexit vote 6 days earlier, we were saddened by the news and scared for our futures- so going to the EU parliament and seeing the British flag still hanging there was an emotional experience. Nevertheless, we wanted to make the most out of our experience and took it all in.

The parliament building where Farage had sat the day before was astonishing and extremely interesting. To think the decisions about the EU had been made here in this very room. As we had tagged along with a German politics class trip, everything was in German and it gave us a chance to really utilise our language skills. After visiting the parliament, the group was introduced to the German MEP Axel Voss. He started off by talking about Brexit and Mrs Youdale expressed our feelings to him and occasionally translated for us. Some of the German students asked some insightful questions and interesting topics were discussed such as terrorism, the European championships, climate change and of course, Britain's potential new Prime Minister. Axel Voss was very kind and shared our views as a group. We were given EU parliament goodie bags which were well received.

After we left parliament, we walked to La Grande Place which was totally magnificent and we had two hours of free time 

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to explore - we sixth formers wasted no time and started exploring via a waffle cafĂ© and traditional Belgium chocolate shops!! 

Although our journey from Germany to Belgium was a long one, we all thought it was an amazing day and well worth the coach journey. There was no hint at anger, weakness or anxiety - just another city fighting back whilst still maintaining its historic glory.

It was great for the Year 13 German students to experience this memorable day.

Rebecca Gale, Sara Rashid, Amy Reast, Matt Daynes, Elliot Farnsworth, Joe Bales and Calum Law.


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