EU Referendum Week - The Weeks Great Debate

EU voteRemain Side in Landslide Victory for EU Referendum

Throughout the week West Bridgford School pupils have been listening to assemblies, presented to them by the Sixth Form and pupils from their own year group, on the case for staying or leaving the EU. View the assembly by clicking here.

Then after continued discussions in form time, Wednesday 23rd March saw the arrival of the big decision day – the vote to decide ‘Brexit’. Pupil turnout was excellent over lunchtime, far exceeding the normal national turnout for elections!  The Student Council President, Robert Gadsby, delivers the results:

“The Remain side have emphatically won the West Bridgford School’s referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union by a landslide. After counting up the votes following the lunch time ballot on Wednesday 23rd March, the team campaigning to keep Britain within the European Union lead by Amy Forbes from Year 12 has firmly beaten Leon Hughes (also Year 12) and his campaign for Britain to leave the EU. There was a very large margin of victory with the Remain side receiving 735 of the votes cast and the leave side only receiving 167 of the votes cast.

With a turnout of 67%, this referendum has thoroughly captivated the whole school. Turnout was particularly high in Year 8 and 7, with Tutor Group 7C having the highest turnout – 97% casting their vote. One member in 7C said that he “enjoyed getting the opportunity to get involved even though I don’t actually have a vote”. Another member of 7C said that he felt it was really professional and thought that the assembly where students learnt about the whole debate was “inspiring”.

Amy Forbes said that she was over the moon to have won. Leon was disappointed but said that it was all about putting the case to the school. Amy also said it was worth doing, because they both thought it was important to help to inform a whole group of people about an absolutely crucial issue. In fact, this is why the School Council was so desperate to hold this whole school debate. This is a vital moment in our history, and it's vitally important that although the vast majority of students don't have a vote, this historic moment doesn’t pass without the student body learning more about it.

As the Student Council, we compel you to talk to your child about it and talk about it at home in order to find out what their views are. In four months time, the rest of the country will be able to vote on whether Britain should be a member or not and we will know what the country thinks as well.”

More photo's from the Referendum can be found by clicking here.

EU vote2

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