Year 8 trip to the Galleries of Justice

IMAG0065On the 17th of March we visited the Galleries of Justice to learn about how the law around cyber bullying affects young people. We began the day acting out a mock trial in the youth court. We were given the opportunity to act out all the different characters, including: magistrates, clerks, defence solicitors, prosecution, the police and witnesses. This was really good fun and everybody enjoyed acting out and getting into character. As a group we were asked to consider and put forward our views on both the verdict and the punishment that should be given. We were told afterwards that this was based on a real case.

We enjoyed the day because it allowed us to explore and understand the serious consequences of internet use in a really fun way. The afternoon was spent doing roleplay we were asked to give our interpretation of a number of situations all of us could quite easily find ourselves in.  We were able to relate and identify with the scenarios presented to us which helped us to really explore and understand the seriousness of something that we, as young people think is no big deal!

Katherine Clough, Lois Dunne, Sully Shah 8G


Firstly we all went to the Youth Court to experience a real life court case, where we all got to be different character’s hearing the case and deciding the future of ‘Selena’ a 15 year old girl that had bullied one of her class mates.

After this we went down to the old Police Station and were shown the different cells, this was very informative because we learnt what happens and how young people are treated at the Police Station when they get arrested.

The consequences of cyber bullying were highlighted throughout the day to raise our understanding of the seriousness of the punishments which young people can and do actually receive. It’s an experience we will all remember. 

Rojon Rogers 8H


After visiting the cells we went down into the caves where we did role play about gamers getting groomed, young girls and boys sending inappropriate photos on social media and the dangers of meeting strangers on line.

All together the day was really interesting and we are all more aware of the dangers of being on line. We know that whatever we do on line has some sort of consequence and we need to think about our safety. It was a great trip and a great experience.

Lois Timms 8H


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