Chinese New Year

IMAG0695 002On Monday 8th February we joined the celebration of Chinese New Year here in school.  Following on from our assembly, pupils and staff were encouraged to get involved in the various activities and seek to learn more about the many traditions and myths associated with this wonderful celebration.

Pupils were invited to bake a Chinese New Year-themed cake.  Some wonderful creations were entered, however, a huge well done to Beth Taylor, Olivia Clapp and Mia Cross for winning the challenge.  Mr Kemp organised a Table Tennis tournament during break and lunch.  Pupil’s from all year groups took on the challenge of playing against staff (arriving from all corners of school).  The competitive nature of both teams only added to the great atmosphere in the theatre.  The result was a close victory for the teachers, 86 – 76. 

The canteen was transformed into a colourful space with decorations, beautiful traditional Chinese music filled the room, informative displays ready to assist those completing the quiz in the hope they might win the giant cookie, but most outstanding was the smell of the Chinese meal cooked up by our very own catering team – they certainly pulled in the customers as queues stretched the length of the room.

Enormous thanks to our team of culture & diversity ambassadors who helped make our celebration such a success.  Also, thank you to Mrs Mann for sending in her stunning hand-made Chinese gown for our display.

Here’s what some pupil’s had to say about our celebration:

 “We enjoyed learning facts about Chinese New Year” – Year 8

“Dinner ladies dressing up” – Year 7

“We enjoyed the myth of the dragon most” – Year 9

“The food, the culture, the dragons, the food, the food” – Year 9

“We really enjoyed learning about the culture and diversity” – Year 10

“We really liked the different red and gold themed decorations” – Year 9

“I enjoyed my school celebration” – Year 8

“It is fun and educational” – Year 7

“I enjoyed the table tennis in the theatre” – Year 7

“I have enjoyed the most fantastic Chinese meal served” – Year 7

“The food was great and I enjoyed the cheerful atmosphere” – Year 9

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