44 Students, 4 teachers, 1 Dalek and 1 Coach Driver… go on a spree to… the BBC!


On Thursday 21st January, Years 10, 11, 12 & 13 Media students enjoyed visiting Broadcasting House, the home of BBC Digital, BBC News and BBC Weather. First we endured a 3 hour coach journey, although we sure we had time for plenty of snacks, including Starbucks, Harry Ramsdens, Krispy Kreme Donuts and half a jar of Nutella!


All the students were the quietest they had ever been, according to Ms Rutherford. She decided to hire a 55 executive seat coach from Silverdale for her students to sit in every lesson.


The approach to Broadcasting House was livened up by an amateur tour guide pointing out various London landmarks on the way. Upon seeing Old Broadcasting House, the anticipation was finally over. The structure of the iconic building from 1932 was truly captivating and New Broadcasting House on the side formed a modern contrast to the traditional architecture of Old Broadcasting House.


After being filed out in groups of 4, we went through endless security checks of which took as long as those at Heathrow Airport, until we were finally led to the tours. As there were so many people from our school, we had to separate into 3 groups; our group was the last to enter. On our tour we were guided by two funny tour guides called Russell and Jamie, who stated many different facts and fascinating information we didn’t know before.


Initially, we were informed about the different ground levels of the BBC Broadcasting House, for example, how the Arabian News, World News, Asian News and Interviews were all going on in the same building at the same time- there was even a floor that was on the same level as the London Underground?! Some famous celebrities also visit the BBC, like Justin Bieber and Lady GaGa, and to our surprise we ran into Stormzy! He was doing an interview for Radio 1 at the time.


 We also saw the world famous BBC News Room. We were given the opportunity to overlook the news team, hard at work, producing news stories, scripts and research for the upcoming news show. At Radio 4, we were shown the equipment used to record a live drama show and even got to act out our own piece. At The One Show, we got to sit in the same studio and exact same seat that Matt Baker and Alex Jones were to be seated in that same evening to do a live broadcast with Mary Berry. The BBC Theatre was interesting as we found out that the tickets were free to watch upcoming comedians and musicians. All this was so much fun J


After an interesting day, we were back on the road home by 3.30, singing along to ‘What do you mean?’ and ‘Sorry’ both by Justin Bieber, until we all got headaches. A really educational, interesting and enriching day was had by all.


Year 11 Media Studies group


More photos from the Media Studies trip to Broadcasting House can be view by clicking here.

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