Black History Month 2015

In the UK, October is set aside to honour and celebrate the achievements of black men and women. We kick-started this ½ term with an assembly to all year groups, shining a light on Doreen Lawrence – how she has not only fought most admirably for justice and truth following the unprovoked racist murder of her son, Stephen, but also raised awareness for some of the incredible work she has done to help others. She has used her voice to speak out for what is right.  Here is a snippet from the assembly:


- Challenged the British Police establishment bringing about change for better standards and practice.

- Campaigned for other victims of racist crimes.

- Invited to sit on panels to affect change on matters of race equality.

- Met Nelson Mandela…twice!

- In 2003, she was awarded  the OBE for services to community relations.

- Set up a charitable trust.


And, in 2014, she was named the country’s leading “game changer” by Radio 4s Woman’s Hour. Theresa May, Home Secretary said “Doreen is a woman who over many years has fought for justice for her family. Faced by a terrible tragedy, she picked herself up and carried on fighting to ensure that justice could be done, and the fight continues. And   finally, what is most impressive about this game changer is that throughout it all, over the years, despite blow after blow, she has dealt with everything with absolute dignity. She truly is an example to us all.”


As well as a quiz for all tutors to do with their tutor group, our English teachers continued with the theme in some lessons too, as they encourage their groups to engage further with Doreen Lawrence’s actions and apply them to their own piece of creating writing, as well as exploring their own actions of kindness towards others.


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