The First Non-Uniform event of the year

Today saw the first of our three non-uniform charity events to be held this year. Year 11 have been supporting The Friary since Year 8 and were thrilled to win one of these special days in order to extend the support through to the rest of the school. All week the Year 11 tutor rep assembly team have been delivering assemblies to introduce the rest of the school to The Friary; they were also joined by Sam Crawford (Business Manager from The Friary) who shared with each year group how their money would be spent.IMG 0987

Apart from students paying £1 to wear what they wanted, there were other events held during the day to raise money. Year 11 baked and supplied cakes to sell during break time, due to such an amazing demand, these sold out in 15 minutes and raised £205.00. During lunch, Mr Smiter wore as many clothes as he could and students spent 20p to guess how many clothes he was wearing, raising an additional £33.80.

Also during the week a Christmas Card Competition has been running where every student was invited to design a card. The Year 11 tutor reps spent a great deal of time on Thursday selecting a winner from each year group. These cards will be sold as a pack of 7 for 80p and will be on sale soon. The reps were so impressed with the entries they have selected a further 14 of their favourite cards to make up two other packs, these will also be on sale soon in packs of 7 for 80p. Students were able to view the winning cards which will soon be available on line. These cards will be available for staff, students and parents to purchase and all proceeds will also be donated to The Friary.

Next week Year 11 will also launch their ‘Donate One Item’, where every member of the school will be encouraged to bring one item in to school to donate to the Friary – suggested items include: unwanted clothing, tinned foods, toiletries, sleeping bags, blankets, etc. These items will then be handed over to The Friary on Monday December 8th as part of their Celebration Assembly. The collecting of items is an activity Year 11 have carried out since Year 8, and are now asking ALL students to help contribute and support this extremely worthwhile and life changing charity.

The whole event was a great success and a huge thank you to everyone who took part!

Year 11 are determined to make this the best year yet!!

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