This year has been a very successful season for Hockey. Training started early and continued on a Thursday night, every week seeing 45+ keen players turn up week in, week out. During the latter part of the year, training had to extend over two nights due to the numbers, amount of tournaments and games being played, which was amazing to see. Therefore through everyone’s hard work and dedication, achievements have come across all year groups this season.Hockey 2013-14 005

UNDER 14 GIRLS’ - kicked off the start of the season on a high. Encouragingly, WB1’s came 2nd (only losing to Girls’ High 2-1) and WBS2’s came 5th (out of 8) in their Central League Venue Tournament, held over 4 weeks. In their ‘Zone’ round tournament the U14 girls’ won, securing themselves a place in the East Midlands regional tournament. With tough competition, mostly against private schools, the girls put in a good team performance but unfortunately didn’t make it to the next round. A good achievement though that must be commended as that was the first time a WB Hockey team had got that far. Well done to all these girls, in particular Emma Brown for her outstanding performances in goal.

YEAR 7 GIRLS’ - For the first time in 2 years at a Central Venue Tournament, there have been 2 Year 7 girls’ teams entered. This was a Year 7/8 tournament with 16 girls who took part and came a respectable 5th and 7th, despite all of them either having none/or limited experience in playing Hockey prior to joining West Bridgford in September. Special mentions go to Caitlin Hughes for her exceptional individual and team skills, captaining WB1’s, and also her teammate Eve Winch who held a solid back line as sweeper, both in her performance (making last minute tackles) as well as confidently vocally controlling the team from the back. WB2’s mention goes to Becky Woods who’s progression and confidence over the season has grown allowing her to successfully support and help the rest of her team as their captain. Also Kaya Tyerman-Jones, who started the season as a centre forward and somewhat changing mid-way through the season to become a goalkeeper, keeping the 2’s in reaching distance of their opponents in all games. They are looking forward to competing in this competition next year, being the older year group.

UNDER 14 BOYS - The boys also didn’t disappoint. For the first time ever in Hockey they managed to beat Nottingham Boys High School 3-1 on home turf. Despite this previously just being a team made up of Year 9 and 10 boys, there were two exceptional contributions this year in the form of two Year 7’s Jude Chapman and Robert Walton – both of whom had big influences on the team. Congratulations also to Jude on being selected for the County squad this year.

Overall, a fantastic season from all WB Hockey players, with everyone hoping next year they can achieve the same and more! Well done to all!

Hockey will be back in September for all year groups, boys’ and girls’, and will be looking for new players. All will be welcome!
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