Awesome Year 8 Athletics Team earn exceptional podium places in County Championship

After progressing through the Rushcliffe Championships last month in 1st place, the boys and girls teams vied again for glory as we travelled to Ellis Guilford on the 19th of March. For the boys: Vince, Joe, Teo, Charlie, Alex, Ben and Sam. And for girls: Bella, Florence, Alanna, Tess, Jaime, Aimee and Louisa. Everyone was in high spirits both teams demonstrated a bundle of sensational skill and a mixture of fantastic effort, team spirit and unlimited energy.

As the events commenced excitement haltered and tension and nervousness suddenly kicked in. The races started and up first was the obstacle course with the addition of a “roly-poly” (this provided many fails for our opposition) luckily none of these were recreated by our team!! In the first six races several outstanding performances were recorded including a speedy Orin in the 2 lap individual race that outclassed the opposition. Also in the girls version of the 4 lap individual race Florence left her opponents for dead by nearly lapping the girl in last place.

The field events began with the same amount of widespread energy and determination retained by our athletes. Some of the events were; shot put, speed bounce, standing triple and long jump and vertical jump. Once the field events concluded vital points that were earned were recorded and the second block of track races began that culminated with the 2x4 relays.IMG 0272

Certainly this was our best spell by recording a hard earned 1st (Bella) and 2nd (Sam) in the 6 lap race that proved tough competition. Following on was the 8 lap parlauf which produced a 1st from Jaime and Florence and 3rd from Vince and Alex 3rd. The last event proved to be Bridgford’s speciality – the 4x2 relay. The girls (Florence, Alanna, Bella and Jaime) dominated and won by half a lap with a speedy performance. Next were the boys (Teo, Ben, Sam and Orin), it proved to be an extremely tight event, neck and neck all the way but Orin came home in first place.

Our nerves jangled until we received the results, we quickly realised we had come overall 1st and 3rd and we became ecstatic! The boys were 18 points of 1st place and the girls were 1st by a comfortable 30 points. This means that we are 3rd and 1st best in the County- an excellent achievement for everyone that took part. The sensational day was topped off with a trip to McDonalds. Thanks to Mr Kent, Miss Wray and Mr Kemp for all the support they have done to help us get there. Finally, well done to everyone who represented West Bridgford in the event.
Click HERE to see the Gallery of pictures from the day.

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