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As part of our 75th Anniversary celebration we are hosting a small exhibition in the Cedar Suite at the West BridgfordPoster for library exhibition v2 2
library on Saturday 29th March, 11am—2pm. All welcome.
If you would like an invitation for our 75th anniversary tea-party for former staff and pupils on Wednesday 7th May at 5pm—6.30pm, then please pop in to the exhibition, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Phone 0115 974 4488 and ask for Ms Jo Williams. Click on the picture to see the full poster.
Take a Moment to look back in Time
We recently interviewed some former pupils. Here’s a snippet of what they had to say about their time here:
Barrie Ellis who attended from 1939 – 1944, shared how he wasn’t very sporty and didn’t enjoy rugby so he would help ‘dig for victory’ during World War II.  The school had a vegetable garden which supplied the cooks with all they needed to feed staff and pupils at lunch time.  
Hilary Linnington attended from 1958 - 65.  She shared how boys and girls were not allowed to mix.  They had separate social areas, sat on opposite sides of the classroom and could not sit on the same side of the table at lunch times.
Richard Comer attended from 1960 – 66.  He shared how during his time here as a pupil the top news locally and globally was:
•    Very bad winter in 1962/63.  The coldest of the 20th century
•    John F Kennedy died Nov 1963
•    Forest were in division 1, generally mid-table until 1967 semi-final when they were runner-up
•    Richard attended a trip to Twickenham, England won the world cup
Laura McCreedy attended 1979 – 84.  Here’s what stood out for her during the 80s:
“Our year was the first ever year we had a non-uniform day and it was a big thing in the 80s as fashion and music was crazy and that’s all 13, 14, 15 year olds were interested in, was fashion! We talked for ages about this day then the teachers played a trick on us  and they came in school uniform like St. Trinians and that showed the teachers had a sense of humour.  We also had what is now like a school council.  That was new then where children were asked what they want.  We had about £30 to spend in the common room and we brought a record player.  Unfortunately, there was only 2 or 3 records and they kept playing this one record over and over again and it was called D.I.S.C.O by Ottawan and it was 1980.  We all had to take care as £30 was an awful lot of money to spend on a piece of kit then”.
You can listen to these interviews at our exhibition on Saturday 29th March from 11am – 2pm in the Cedar Suite at the West Bridgford library

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