Year 13’s “Long Goodbye” to school continued in magnificent, munificent style at The Walled Garden in Beeston on Tuesday 24 June. Having been to many of these events over the past 15 years or so, I can happily report that this was one of the very best I have been privileged to attend.
Stepping into the marquee that housed the event was akin to walking onto the set of Baz Luhrman’s recent lavish adaptation of “The Great Gatsby” – both stylish and sophisticated (despite Mr Deans’ many turns on the dance floor) and with a wonderfully celebratory atmosphere that meant everybody felt welcomed and included.  The NUS Committee (Naomi McFadden, Safa Sharif, Lauren Kay, Kate Hughes, Alicia Cox and Vijith Gnanakumaran) did a tremendous job and continued to be “on duty” over the course of the evening, making sure that everything ran smoothly as well as welcoming staff to the event. At the Awards Ceremony, Sam Coffey excelled as the gregarious host whose witty repartee kept the audience entertained throughout. It seemed entirely fitting that such a well-heeled occasion included an award for the Best Dressed Student (appropriately won by the permanently debonair Matt Blainey).
As an introduction to West Bridgford School’s Year 13 Proms, this one will take some beating. It revealed so much about the school, the Sixth Form and this particular set of students – their appreciation of each other’s talents, their joie de vivre and, perhaps most poignantly of all, their reflective nature. As the festivities wound down, many students were noticeably reluctant to leave, recognising that this had been a special culmination to a very special experience at the West Bridgford School. To them all, I extend my thanks for their warm welcome to me and my very best wishes for the future. I know that they will be a credit wherever they go as they have been a credit to the school for so long.
Click HERE to the photos which are on flickr.

Changes to Regulations for the provision of food in State Schools

Following the latest announcement, from Ministers, on changes to food regulations in state schools from January 2015 the school catering staff, whilst compliant with the current regulations, will need to ring the changes once more from September 2014.  There is, from January 2015, a further limit on fried food restricting sales to students to no more than two portions of fried food each week.  In addition, they have imposed a pastry limit as well.  Fruit juices also need to be restricted to 150ml and therefore cartons of drinks will disappear - although the cuplets will still be available.  The aim is to encourage students to drink water as their first choice.  The fried chicken wraps will also be restricted which has been very popular with our students to date.  Sales of sausage rolls will also be reduced to once a fortnight to enable the school to comply.   However,  the very popular “fish and chip Friday” will be allowed to remain.  Finally, you will be pleased to hear that there will be no increase in the products we sell to staff or students this September our prices are holding.  A further review of the pricing structure will take place this time next year in time for September 2015.


At 9.30am on Thursday 23 January the Department for Education released the 2013 school league tables for the UK.  I am delighted to report the headline figures to you:

  • 5+ A*-C GCSEs or equivalent (including English and Maths) at 93% which puts West Bridgford School top of the tables for the East Midlands region at Key Stage 4 in this measure.
  • A Level ‘Average Point Score per Entry’ at 227 points (students get an average of around a B Grade for every A Level sat) putting West Bridgford School top of the tables for Nottinghamshire (2nd in the East Midlands) for Key Stage 5.

 5 GCSEs

 The students achievements were recognised by David Laws, the Minister of State for Schools, in a letter we received this week.  He congratulated us in being one of the top schools in the UK for both GCSE results and our ability to improve the results of students in receipt of the 'Pupil Premium'.  Please click HERE to view the letter.

Students right across the academic ability range shone in every area of the tables proving that West Bridgford is a school where every student can perform to the limits of their potential. These results are a reflection on the whole learning community of the school.  The students, who have worked so hard, the teachers with their unswerving commitment to the children and the parents who have helped their children maintain their motivation thoughout the long, hard climb to success.  While we know league tables only provide a narrow window into the life of a school, at this point I can only congratulate everybody who has contributed to an educational success story.  Carpe Diem!

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