Mr Rob McDonough pictureMr McDonough - Principal
Once again we have every reason to be very proud of the achievement of our students at both GCSE and A level.  95% of our students obtained five higher grades at GCSE and the number of children obtaining their maths and English GCSE were once again both in the nineties with 94% and 90% respectively.  Those achieving the 5 higher grades including maths and English totalled 88%.
At A level all of our students secured the grades they needed to get into their chosen university and our results overall held steady and in line with previous years.  Of all of the grades obtained, a very pleasing 30% of them were either an A* or an A.  Our average grade was once again a B- which last year was the highest average in Nottinghamshire.
Many congratulations to all of our GCSE and A level students and, whatever they are now doing, we wish them all the very best for the future.
Also parents will recall that governors had proposed to create a MAT and support another school.  Being a high performing outstanding school, the DfE have an expectation upon us to support other schools in this way.  We have now formed our MAT and have sponsored Mill Hill School in Ripley. It opened this September as The Ripley Academy.  
I will be spending some of my time supporting the Ripley Academy whilst retaining a strategic overview of The West Bridgford School as the Principal.  In order to help me do this, Mr Peacock has been appointed by the governors to the new post of 'Head of School'. Mr Peacock's role will be to take responsibility for the day to day running of West Bridgford School and to help ensure that we continue to maintain our very high academic standards.  

Mr Peacock - Head of SchoolTP

It’s a pleasure to welcome back our students and parents for another year and to say a warm welcome to new students and their parents in Year 7 and the Sixth Form. I hope you all had the best possible summer.

In my new role as Head of School, it is likely that I will have more contact with you as I assist the Principal with the day to day running of the School.

Another busy but enjoyable year opens up ahead, with new challenges and opportunities for all of us.  All our students on GCSE and A-Level exam courses know that the days of modules, resits and early entries are gone now.  Hopefully, no more sudden announcements from government mid-course, so that we can all focus on the main task of preparing for next summer’s examinations!

Year12 Parents Information Evening 2014


For those parents who either were not able to attend the Year 12 Parents’ Information Evening, or who would like to have a list of the key dates that Mr Bowie alluded to throughout the evening, please find his PowerPoint presentation attached HERE. The key dates are on slide 37 of 44. We hope that you find them useful.

Year 7 Sports

Clubs and teams available to Year 7

Football, hockey, tennis, athletics, cricket, table tennis, badminton, basketball, cricket, rounders, rugby, netball, dance, fitness, cross-country, Aerobics , Swimming


Just some of the Year 7 successes this year.



South Notts – Semi Finals

County Cup Runners Up

ESFA National Cup Quarter Final

Nottinghamshire 5-a-side Winners



Rushcliffe Partnership Champions

U13 ESAA Regional Finalists



Year 7 Boys County Bronze Medalists

Rushcliffe Partnership Champions,


Table Tennis

Key Stage 3 Rushcliffe Partnership Champions



Key Stage 3 Rushcliffe Partnership Champions



Year 7 Boys County Cup Runners Up

Year 007 Becky Woods Article

Year 007 – A double agent’s account of the first year

By Becky Woods, 8E

  I’m not going to lie, that first day can be awkward, confusing and above all really scary! It can also be surreal, exciting and extremely fun! I know – I was in your shoes one year ago. My feet are probably a little bigger than yours, but you get my point.

 I’ll tell you straight, the first week or so is a time of feeling slightly out of your depth and getting lost, being told to go the wrong way (take my advice, try to only ask nice looking girls for directions). But as it goes on, it becomes a time of making new friends and discovering favourite subjects you didn’t even know you loved! You’ll have a blazer, which is probably a new experience for you, and you’ll get loads of new books, so be sure to get a big school bag! Honestly year 7 is as scary as everyone says it is – for about a week at the most. It really isn’t that bad! Miss Masterson is and will be a fantastic head of year and I promise you’ll find a subject that you like, even if you just like it a little bit. Pinkie swear. And yes, you do get to set stuff on fire in science. The other subjects are pretty cool too, although you might like some more than others.

 Nobody understands more than I do about having the carpet pulled from under your feet. Even now I get lost in the hallways and forget a book or two. But don’t worry, you’ll be an expert by the end of the first week or so. The tweaks and traumas of secondary school never stop surprising me. There are still aspects of academic life I haven’t got used to or even experienced yet. But I’ve survived so far and so will you.

 Having said that, it’s all fantastic. The West Bridgford School never ceases to amaze me. Some days it’s one of the best things in your life, some days it’s more of a challenge. But this is a brilliant school and you’ll make new friends and learn heaps. Good luck, and see you in September!

A Review of Year 7

It has been a very busy year for Year 7 with lots to celebrate. We started with the team building visits to Lea Green Activity Centre in Derbyshire.  Over the four wettest days in October, two Year 7 tutor groups per day defied the torrential rain to successfully tackle an outdoor assault course, outdoor den building and scaling the cave. The tutors and I were thrilled to see the camaraderie and goodwill shown by all pupils to their peers; their behaviour and conduct was impeccable. Sadly the same could not be said for their mud entrenched clothing at the end of each day!

Our Welcome Concert at the end of October was a huge success. A special mention needs to go to our fourteen fabulous soloists who braved the bright lights and gave an excellent performance; Lucy Roadknight, Daniel Maughan, Rachel Feinstein, Luca Marshall, Haniah Raza, Bethany Buah, Filip Trenkic, Mia Coss, Anna Sosin, Grace Campbell, Luke Pike, Zack Schofield, Katherine Liu and Anton Stoger.

 Tutor groups 7E & 7F gave a wonderful performance of Vois Sur Ton Chemin under the guidance of Mr Mills and Mr Dyer and also need to be commended for their extra special performance. The year group as a whole sang beautifully. Clearly, we have an exceptionally talented year group and this bodes very well for our talent show next year.

 Our chosen year group charity was Children in Need and we were delighted to have collected nearly £300 at the end of the Welcome Concert evening towards this very worthwhile cause. Non uniform day in November was our next chance to shine. Year 7 advertised this event to the whole school in a week of assemblies and asked for everyone to wear something spotty on the day in support of Children in Need. Our break time cake sale was huge; Mrs Clarke’s office was jammed with cakes donated by Year 7. The total amount raised on non-uniform day was £1800, a truly phenomenal amount of money! We ran competitions and sold wrist bands to maximise our fundraising – it was a real team effort.

We ended the winter term with our first Celebration Assembly of the year. Olympic Gold Medallist Etienne Stott was our guest speaker and gave a very inspiring speech to the year group about trying your best and working towards achieving your potential. The focus of our assembly was a celebration of effort; awards were given to those who had made an exceptional start to their time here at West Bridgford School by trying their best and going above and beyond what is expected of them.

In January we had our first ever Parent’s Evening, this was a tremendous success. Lots of happy parents and guardians received excellent feedback about their children. In February we hosted the Talent Show on the last day before half term. Mrs Clarke and I were overwhelmed by the  volume and quality of auditions from all sorts of talented people in the year group. The final list of ten acts was very carefully considered and quite difficult to narrow down. A special mention needs to go to Yuvraj Rathor in 7A who ended the show by playing the Harmonium whilst singing a song in Punjabi; he brought the house down.

 We have also had phenomenal sporting success in the year group. In March, our Year 7 girls received gold medals after their triumphant win in the Central Venue Netball Tournament. Hot on the heels of this success, the Year 7 boy’s football team reached the National Quarter Finals. Their final game against Thomas Telford School was played at home and we had fantastic support from the year group and family members on the side lines.

 In April, we had a small group of talented individuals who passed an extensive round of auditions to be part of Bridgstock; our annual whole school music show which is run by students in Years 12 & 13. Well done to Lukasz Bialeck in 7D, Jacob Careless in 7D, Charlotte Hoyle in 7D and Zack Schofield in 7F for two nights of fabulous performances to a sold out crowd in the Theatre.

 As a year group we have been raising lots of money for charity. Each of the eight tutor groups chose a charity to fundraise for during the course of their time in Year 7. 7C got going with this quite early on in the year with a very clever idea of collecting loose change from pupils in the year group. The other tutor groups have kept themselves busy with hosting assemblies and various fundraising events for their individual charities.

 We finished the year with our Celebration Assembly. This time the focus was on academic achievement and there were a whole host of prizes for pupils who have gone that extra mile in terms of both academic work and getting involved in year group activities. We invited a fireman to come in as our guest speaker. Unfortunately for us, duty called and it was up to Ms Masterson to step in with some words of wisdom. As an English teacher, the only fires I have fought have been metaphorical – not quite as impressive!

 I am very proud of the new Year 8; they have had an excellent first year at secondary school. Mrs Clarke and I are very much looking forward to welcoming the new year group in September and doing it all again. 

Upcoming Events


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