Superb Bridgford Record Remarkable Results in Sutton

On Saturday the 15th of November, 32 athletes eager for success travelled to a brand new venue, Ashfield School for this next stage of the cross country season. Though relatively close to the former venue Sutton-In-Ashfield Recreational Park, it proved to be significantly different terrain and scenery. It even boasted farmers’ fields and wood trails. Conditions never hindered our performance as the route was barely visible through a misty abyss and the occasional sheet of rain. The schedule of the races was as follows: Year 8/9 boys opening and year 7 girls closing the event with year 7 boys, 8/9 girls and year 10/11 boys and girls placed in between.

The 8/9 boys’ race kicked of proceedings with an elite field of 60. Picking up from the last event, the boys regained their high intensity of effort and claimed vital places and substantial points. Leading the immense squad in was Joe Mitchell in 9th shortly followed by Toby Percival and Teo Ayodeji Ansell 12th and 13th respectively. Also good performances were attained by Vince Machin, Flynn Cross and Alex Nolan – 18th, 20th and 21st respectively. This sets the boys in 2nd and 4th in the team competition.

Next were the 10/11 girls who were represented by trio Charlotte Hudson, Maisy Flint Foster, Megan Gallagher and Maisy Brand who recorded results of 8th, 22nd, 12th and 32nd. Following on from the girls race were the amazing year 7 boys’ team who once again exploited bags of talent by having 8 runners in the top 35 with headline performances coming from Toby Hulis in 2nd and Louis Dunne in 12th with Josh Birks finishing 17th. Remarkably this leaves the A and B teams 1st and 3rd in the team competition. Next were the 8/9 girls’ race which received an astounding duet performance from talented twins Bella Reed and Florence Reed who came 3rd and 4th in the 3km race placing the team 2nd comfortably. However with no representation in the 10/11 boys race it left the year 7 girls to sweep up the last of the endless glory. They completed the job by attaining 5 runners in the top 25 – wow! Brought in by Alice Mitchell in 15th and Harriet Machin in 20th it left the team in 3rd.

Clearly a spectacular performance all round from everyone who ran. Thanks to Mr Kent, Miss Rogers and Mr Alton for organising team.

By Alex Nolan 9F


Prevent Delivery Team – Think For Yourself

Our school do a lot of work celebrating equality and diversity, as well as tackling all forms of discrimination.  Only this last month we have celebrated Black History Month, the culture of India, and Miss Masterson has very recently been promoting the Bystander Revolution with year 7, 8 and 9 pupils in her anti-bullying assembly.  This is all very important to our school community, and no doubt to you as parents and carers too.  One of the reasons we seek opportunities to acknowledge, learn about and celebrate differences and similarities amongst us is to enable discussion and promote the positive contributions all people make to society regardless of lifestyle, beliefs or background.  This, in turn, can help to expel myths and challenge stereotypes which can often be at the root of bullying and discrimination.

Mrs Cooper and her team cover many topical and relevant issues in the PSHE programme.  Last week we were fortunate enough to have PC Riz Chothia, PC Deborah Rawsthorne and PC Atlas Iqbal from Prevent Delivery Team – the East Midlands specialist police unit, deliver an informative, fun and myth-busting workshop on a difficult subject, terrorism and extremism.  Pupils engaged incredibly well and our visitors were impressed with their sensible and honest contributions.  PC Chothia and his team are visiting more groups here as well as other schools in the East Midlands, informing young people about how to spot signs and seek help when they or somebody they know is being coerced into believing extreme views about society, politics or religion. 

Here is what some of our pupils had to say about the workshop:

“It was very informative” – Amr Houda

“I thought the lesson was very fun and interesting. We have never learnt about that stuff before so it was good to have had the lesson. The video showed an important point that you don’t need to fight back with violence to get your point across. I have learnt a lot” – Louisa Bell

“”’Dairy of a Badman’ was really interesting. It was funny but had a strong message. The message was about not stereotyping people and that violence isn’t the answer” – Zack Worton

Bridgford Swept Aside by Conquering Chilwell

On the 13th of October, West Bridgford B team faced up to Chilwell A team. One factor was certainly not on our side; the weather, with torrential rain pouring down while icy winds swept through our home playing fields. The team to face Chilwell was: Andrew King, Vince Machin, Elliot Newman, Ed Foulds, Charlie Lilley, Indy Gill, Alex Nolan (C), Sam Lacy, Eddie Townsend, James Harvey and Tom Carver with subs Amaan Razak, Louie Bickley-Blackwood, Zack Warton and Ryan Snowden. Hoping to claim a win to progress to the next round and avenge the defeat of last year, we were raring to go.
The game kicked off with Bridgford putting a high amount of pressure on the shaky Chilwell back line in the opening passages. Possession was shared with both teams demonstrating an assortment of crisp passing and high intensity with not much time on the ball for either side. As minutes drew on Chilwell started to dominate with style by bringing it out from the back and launching balls through the defence. Around the ten minute mark, Bridgford had what proved to be their best chance of the half with a move stemming from tough tackling from Sam and Alex with the ball being slotted through to James upfront. After a good run, he just missed the target. However the deadlock was broken in approximately the 15th minute with a goal for Chilwell. It was a swift attack and a good ball that dissected the defence with a clinically ice cool finish from their striker. No sooner had the kick off been taken that Bridgford were in trouble again. Chilwell seized possession and with their wing losing his marker, he sent in a sweeping cross into the danger area which was converted coolly by their striker. Bridgford were stunned. 2-0 down in the space of two minutes! Heads didn’t drop and we believed that we could get a goal. However these hopes were dashed almost immediately after the restart when a well worked move was converted by Chilwell – 3-0.  Determination shone through with Bridgford maintaining possession for a good ten minutes with some neat moves however no end product came. In the 30th minute, disaster struck once again with their striker converting from a one on one with Andrew. Bridgford kept it tight until half-time which required good defending from full-backs Charlie and Vince.
Changes were made at half-time with Ryan coming on for Eddie, Louie coming on for Ed and Zack coming on for Tom. 4 goals to the good Chilwell were confident and started to again dominate possession. Not long into the 2nd half they were awarded a corner. With Bridgford unable to clear their lines there was a goalmouth scramble in the box with one of their players poking the ball in for their 5th. Bridgford battled on even though defeat was likely Showing great character we regularly pushed forward with Indy and Ryan bombing down the wing. They were aided by Louie and Zack who distributed the ball well throughout the half. In spite of all their efforts, Bridgford were thwarted in front of goal on the night. This was tough, as their play deserved a better reward.  No such misfortune for the opposition as another simple yet clinical finish from Chilwell after a good move down the right made it 6. Midway through the half, Amaan came on for James. As the cold rainy winds swept in there was more misery for Bridgford as a 7th goal came from a deflected shot from the edge of the 16 yard box, looping over the unlucky Andrew. This condemned the game to a rout. With the game gone and spirits diminished, Chilwell hit an 8th just before the final whistle blew.  Bridgford knocked out of the cup, trudged off the saturated pitch. They had given it their all, but sadly it was just not their day.
Overall there were a lot of positives to take from the game with us making lots of chances and not letting our heads go down. In football games like this can happen. We battled to the end nonetheless. Finally big thanks to Mr Kent for organising the game and to Bradley and Jude who were linesmen.

By Alexander Nolan 9F

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