Stonewall School Champion

During February the West Bridgford School acknowledged LGBT History Month with a thought-provoking assembly to all year groups. The assembly team (our Stonewall steering group) talked about the life of Alan Turing and other openly LGB or T inspirational people. It was an ideal opportunity to reinforce the importance of inclusion and equality for those who identify as LGB or T., as well as talk about what our staff and pupils have been doing to acknowledge and celebrate diversity.apas

Also during the week we were pleased to welcome Wayne Dhesi - youth coordinator at Stonewall, and Matt Lister – Team GB Canoeist and Olympic hopeful. Matt talked very openly about his experience of ‘coming out’ as gay and how difficult he found secondary school. However, with supportive family, friends and team mates Matt felt encouraged to become a Stonewall role-model and share his story with other young people to help raise awareness about the negative impact of prejudice-related bullying, as well as to reassure young people who are questioning or may have family or friends who are LGBT or T.

Here’s what staff and pupils had to say about it:

“The sessions were inspiring to young people helping them understand how people can suffer because they are bullied for perceived differences and how they can rise above this and lead a successful fulfilling life. The students really listened because someone not that much older than them was prepared to be completely honest and open with them sharing his life experience” Mrs Cooper – PSHE Coordinator

“The stonewall group were interesting and offered a thought-provoking experience. I also gained a knowledge of what they do and how it helps people who are LGB or T”

J Baker year 11

“I found the session very informative and the relaxed atmosphere made me very comfortable to ask questions and express my opinions towards the subject”

R Hatley – year 11

“When I walked into the workshop, I thought what is this going to be about? Then once the visitors started talking about their life it became clear. Matt Lister is a very inspirational guy and showed that there is no shame in being gay”

S Gadsby – Year 10

“Hats off to my generation for learning to accept people’s differences”

N Abid – year 10

National Citizen Service

NCS is a government-backed programme for all year 11s and 12s, which takes place outside of term-time. Through a variety of physical, personal and creative challenges, young people learn leadership, communication skills and team work. The programme culminates in a community project, designed and delivered by young people in their local area. NCS Official RGB Yes

Each programme runs for 4 consecutive weeks, with weekends off.

Part 1: five days (four nights) – a week of exciting outward-bound challenges like abseiling and canoeing at one of our outdoor activity centres, then head home for the weekend.

Part 2: five days (four nights) – a week of skills-building workshops with local businesses focusing on communication, leadership and employability skills with fun evening activities like silent discos or sports at one of our residential centres, then head home for the weekend again.

Part 3: two weeks – they’ll choose, plan and deliver a community project in teams and make a real difference in your local area – it might be redecorating a youth centre, working in a food bank, fundraising for a homelessness charity or even creating a sensory garden for disabled people.

Students will be in teams of up to 15, with a team leader and mentor to guide them through every step of the programme. All staff are fully trained and DBS-checked; all our outdoor activity instructors are fully qualified, so don’t worry, they’ll be in safe hands.

They’ll definitely learn new skills, improve their CV and build their confidence, but most important of all they’ll make new friends and be doing something productive and fun with their holidays.

Government funding means that the cost to you for the programme is only £50 (although the value of each place is over £1,400). This fee covers all the accommodation and food (during the residential phases), plus activities and equipment. Bursaries are available for families who are in receipt of means-tested benefits.

Please see your pastoral assistant or Miss Williams if you would like more information about NCS’s summer programme.


This week we would like to highlight NGYMyplace, a local organisation offering various services and support to young people aged 12 – 25.


Address:       31 Castle Gate, Nottingham, NG1 2AR

Telephone:   (0115) 952 5040

Fax:                (0115) 952 5080

Email:             This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Information: Situated in Nottingham city centre, NGYMyplace provides a wide

range of confidential support and services for young people aged 12 – 25 years. Services available include counselling, under 18’s youth group service, Outburst – an LGBT youth group meet every Wednesday, medical service, contraception & sexual health service, drug & alcohol advice , housing advice & support, benefits advice, rough sleepers support service, support for young parents, accredited learning opportunities, learning support scheme and various activities. Practical services available include showers, laundry and gym. There is also a recording studio.


Services open to young people:

Monday – Friday 10.30am – 9pm. Various times at the weekend. Call above number for further information.

Counselling sessions take place on:

Tuesday 4 – 6pm

Wednesday 4 – 6pm

Thursday 4 – 6pm

Other organisations are listed in the signposting directory for parents and carers which can be found on our school website We will highlight some of these in the West Bridgford Post.

Post 16 Intervention 2015


This document sets out the intervention and revision opportunities for Year 12 and Year 13 students in all A-level subjects prior to the commencement of Study Leave. Details of the Study Leave revision programme to follow.


MFL Post 16 targeted intervention programme.


Years 12 and 13. One mock per student minimum per week scheduled from now until the actual speaking exam.

These appointments are after school or in Mrs Hartke’s non-contact periods.

At present Year 13 are doing technique practice and preparing model answers.


Miss Ortega and Miss Hermida are double staffing some Year 13 lessons in order to prepare for the speaking exam.

Extra speaking sessions offered after school if required.


Year 13

Mr Elston and Mr Whitehead will be using their lessons for revision activities for the one examination Year 13 will take. Miss Burrows will offer drop in sessions after school and Mrs White offers one to one time on the basis of need.

Year 13 Re-sits

Mr Whitehead has been running a program of revision after school on Thursdays since September and this will continue up to examination.

Year 12

Courses are now completed giving some opportunity for revision in class time. We will be giving revision guides to all Year 12 and offering drop in sessions.


Twilight sessions continuing on a Monday and a Wednesday which will be taught in a classroom with an Art teacher. Students have been given a checklist which details what they need to do to enhance their portfolio and these sessions are intended to support students in helping them make these improvements.


English Language drop in sessions will be running after school on Mondays – to be held by Miss Tait.


Media Studies drop in sessions will be running after school on Mondays – to be held by Miss Hederer.


After school revision sessions




Monday 20 April




Originally taught by Mrs Morgan so this only applies to Y13 re-sitters.

Monday 11th May


Y12 AND Y13


Monday 18th May




Monday 1st June




Monday 8th June






Revision sessions for Post 16 on Thursdays after school for both Year 12 and 13. Run primarily as drop-in sessions where students can work with or talk to a member of staff. This will continue up until exams.


Wednesdays after school – Philosophy and Ethics study group. Mr Darley (and/or Mr Carter) is running an after school session on Wednesday for students to drop in on a voluntary basis (e.g. to clarify misunderstandings) or as required for particular issues (e.g. internal re-sits) or directed as a result of poor performance or concerns. This session will also be used for students who under-perform on the past papers; these students will be directed to attend.

Past papers assignments – every two weeks students will be set four essay questions from past papers. They will identify their best answer for teachers to mark. Students who under-perform significantly will be required to attend the Philosophy and Ethics study group on Wednesdays after school with Mr Darley and/or Mr Carter.


Wednesdays after school – Sociology study group. Mr Carter is running an after school session on Wednesday for students to drop in on a voluntary basis (e.g. essay structure or assessment requirements) or as required for particular issues (e.g. internal re-sits) or directed as a result of poor performance or concerns. He will also use this for students who under-perform on the past papers; these students will be directed to attend. 

Past papers assignments – every two weeks students will be set four essay questions from past papers. They will identify their best answer for teachers to mark. Students who under-perform significantly will be required to attend the Sociology study group on Wednesdays after school with Mr Carter.


Monday after school – Psychology study group. In Psychology, every Monday, Miss Underwood and Miss Nicholls run a Psychology study group, where students come and aid each other in their revision. This runs on a week 1 for year 13 and week 2 for year 12.

Wednesday after school – Psychology past exam paper sessions. Since the mocks in January Year 12s and 13s have been required to complete a past exam paper every 2 weeks. These are submitted to teachers on Mondays, and on Wednesday (week 1 year 12, week 2 year 13) certain students are required to attend a feedback session where the harder questions on the paper are discussed, including the exam technique involved.


Year 12 Economics: one week of exam questions in controlled conditions followed by revision followed by more timed exams. Exam booklets given out, extensive support on Moodle, important articles tweeted out.  Drop in revision sessions during exam leave

Y12 Econ 4 Regular mock style exams, each building on last, analysed in Go4Schools.  Students encouraged to Tweet questions then answers are retweeted back out to whole group (by teacher)…or even answered by other students.

Year 13 Economics; timed responses in lessons, drop in for students after school if needed.  After school sessions for those resitting AS units.  Exam booklets given out and use of Twitter for extended reading.


YR12 Computing : 2 Full mocks running P5 and after school.  Will be revision sessions right up to exam : they can drop in, email, or tweet questions / issues at any time.

YR13 ICT:  2 Full mocks running P5 and after school.  One will be after they’ve left as exam is nearly a month after that just to keep them up to speed.  Will be revision sessions right up to exam, they can drop in or email at any time.

YR12 ICT: Running the same ICT sessions to drop in for support and email us if needed outside of their usual lesson time


Year 12 Business: 2 mocks after Easter during lesson (one on Buss1 and one of Buss2). Revision sessions by both teachers right up until exam leave.

Year 13 Business: slightly different approach on the spec set out in an A3 booklet which the students are independently revisiting. Two planned mock style exams for after Easter. There was a mock during the week before Easter for AS re-sitters and follow up sessions are arranged for week after Easter.


The work set for Science intervention follows a similar pattern in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Students who are underachieving have been identified and they have been notified they are on official intervention. The materials are on offer to all other students and generally are taken up.

Work is being set on Moodle and monitored by teachers. Student completion is recorded on Go4Schools. Most of the work set is on past paper practice, mark scheme self-marking and self-evaluation of the gaps in their knowledge. Students are bringing these documents back to staff on a weekly basis, having them checked, and raising specific problems so they can receive additional support. This support then happens in lessons or in additional twilight session where appropriate.

During study leave students on the intervention list will be told to attend the additional sessions unless clashes occur with their exam timetable. These will need to be prearranged with the teacher during the first summer half term.


There is an on-going after school drop-in session every Wednesday for anyone doing maths in the Sixth Form. Not only do the students get help and support from the teachers but they start discussing maths and helping each other – a powerful way to master their own skills.

The course is completed by Easter for both Yr 12 & Yr 13, so the focus of lessons after Easter is on exam technique, refining skills and being able to access the questioning of the exams. Every student is expected to attend but a range of activities and techniques will be applied.

Revision materials have been sold through the department and there are still some available. Students should ask their maths teacher for details.


After school revision session will run on the following dates - Monday 27th April, Wednesday 6th May, Tuesday 12th May, Monday 18th May, Monday June 1st, Tuesday June 2nd, Wednesday June 3rd, Thursday June 4th

Those students in Year 13 who are doing a resit have been asked to attend as well as those who are below target. Optional for other students.

Students have been asked to bring their revision to school so that staff can undertake tutorial and guidance work with them regarding the revision they are doing

All past papers are available to students in lessons and revision sessions. Lesson time will allow for focussed revision on key elements of the course such as exam technique.

Tackling Drugs Together

On Wednesday 4th March we hosted a parent’s information evening titled Tackling Drugs Together. We were pleased to welcome parents and carers to peruse a wonderful display of work created by pupils during PSHE lessons, shared information about drugs and their effects, plus a little networking with some refreshments. Our guest speaker, Nick Tergerdine representing apas (addiction problem advisory service), talked about addiction and how this can impact on individuals and their family. Here is a little info from Nick about apas:


Addictions impact on individuals, families, and communities. Individuals, families and communities are characterised in a negative way when addiction problems are suspected. To deal with the problem in a way that does not further stigmatise those affected is the challenge, and nothing changes until something changes. The unique perspective of apas is borne from the fiercely independent stance of the organisation. All services are provided without the benefit of statutory funds; therefore, the problem can be addressed rather than a target defined from afar. Whether at an individual, family or community level (and the latter includes issues within the workplace) then apas can intervene and provide what will make a difference, rather than a ‘prescribed’ remedy.

Our work includes alcohol, drugs whether illicit or prescribed, and the fast emerging issue of gambling addiction.

Add initiatives designed to prevent problems arising, and a robust policy of challenging the received wisdom of the statutory authorities, and apas can and does make a difference.

Contact details:

Telephone:                    0115 8240 550

Email:                           This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Other organisations are listed in our signposting directory for parents and carers which can be found on our school website, We will highlight some of these in the West Bridgford Post.

Upcoming Events


Thu 22 March 2018 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


6:00 pm Tue 27 March 2018 - 9:00 pm Thu 29 March 2018


Fri 30 March 2018 8:00 am - 3:00 pm


8:30 am Mon 02 April 2018 - 2:45 pm Sat 14 April 2018


Thu 19 April 2018 2:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Wed 25 April 2018 8:30 am - 11:00 am


Thu 26 April 2018 9:00 am - 12:00 pm


Mon 07 May 2018 8:30 am - 2:45 pm




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