You may remember a recent article where it was explained that after several years of rapid expansion for the school’s online services it has been recognised that the multiple platforms we use are now starting to make life harder rather than simpler. Forcing teachers, students and parents to log-in and out of multiple websites reduces the use of all our online platforms.
To reduce this complexity the school will soon be dropping two of our most established platforms, Moodle (Homework and Learning Resources) and Go4Schools (Online Gradebook) to combine their functionality in one easy to access package –BRIGHTSPACE. D2L Brightspace is an internationally known provider, that has primarily worked in the HE sector in the past (Nottingham Trent has just signed with the firm), but is now moving into the secondary market. We can now reveal some further details around the platform.
When will we be launching Brightspace?
Any major migration such as this takes a huge amount of time, training and effort. To facilitate this we will be launching Brightspace for staff at half term. Moodle will effectively ‘freeze’ at timetable promotion on Friday 16th June. For 3 weeks we will then revert back to setting all homework in planners. We will reveal some limited Brightspace functions for students during this period, as we log them on for the first time and make sure they understand the platform. Finally we will launch ‘officially’ with homework and marks being made available online again on Monday 10th July. We will be endeavouring to launch for parents as early as possible after this.
What does Brightspace offer?
  • The ability to combine homework and teacher gradebooks in a single platform.
  • A specific app, with easy to use interface, for mobile phones and tablets.
  • Communication tools allowing emails and announcements to groups of students from within Brightspace.
  • Complete integration with Office 365, allowing single sign on for the school network and school systems.
  • A specialist marking app allowing teachers to submit video or audio feedback of student work. MFL and English can’t wait to get their hands on this!
  • The ability to closely monitor student engagement with the platform.
  • Staff can quickly record snippets from webcams, which can be dropped into the platform at any point.
  • Progress analysis tools, accessible by teachers, staff and parents.
  • Guaranteed levels of responsiveness, reliability and function.
  • Staff are very excited about the move to Brightspace and more news will follow in the next edition of the West Bridgford Post.

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