The Wilford Voice

The Wilford Voice - Lizzy Smith
The Wilford Voice is something that the Wilford Primary School has held for a couple of years and is a great opportunity for children ages 4-11 to take part in a singing competition through the school. I felt very privileged when a friend of mine, who goes to my church (Jill Edmonds), asked me to go to The Wilford Voice 2016 and be a judge and sing for the whole school. Jill Edmonds has worked at the school for 20 years; she is a music teacher at Wilford School and has helped me a lot personally, especially with confidence.
The Wilford Voice 2016 was wonderful! All of the singers were amazing; they had confidence and performed exceptionally well. There were groups of singers and soloists, I thought each contestant put in so much effort and they all practised so hard. The solo singer who won was Lois Rodel and she sang My Heart Will Go Own – By Celine Dionne which is an incredibly hard song to sing and she sang it beautifully! The winner was the group that sang Uptown Funk – By Bruno Mars, they had an excellent stage presence that made the whole audience want to join in! 87 children entered the competition initially so it was very competitive.
I was asked to perform in front of the whole school and I chose to sing Songbird – By Christine McVie from Fleetwood Mac. I loved performing for the school! I have singing lessons so I felt like it was a great experience for me as I was privileged enough to perform which is something I am very passionate about and I felt very honoured to be treated so well by the school and to be a part of The Wilford Voice. I learn so much every time I sing on a stage, so I hope the children learnt something as well and could take inspiration from someone who is older than them but still young. Here are some pictures:
Wilford Voice 1  Wilford Voice 3Wilford Voice 2

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