Go4schools Update

From this week and over the next few months, I will first grant access to Go4schools to all our students across the school who will also receive some training on to understand this site’s contents. The next step will be to contact parents & carers to provide them with their log in details and some online training material too. You can appreciate that it will take some time to roll this out to over 1400 students and their parents therefore please, be patient.

I have been developing this online platform over the last term and it is in its infancy is pretty much in its early stages and is taking its first faltering steps. It has taken one term to create online departmental mark books, consequently some departmental areas whose mark book were created first will be populated with more data than those which have been created more recently. Despite this gradual process, I can confirm that the mark books available will contain a range of assessment and homework information that you will find useful.

The diversity of our school subjects, their programmes of study and assessments policies have led to the creation of a range of very diverse mark books whose main foci still remain Assessment and Homework.

Go4schools is, after all, a tool that should help parents/carers to get more involved in their child’s progress.

Our aim as a school is to provide parents & students with full transparency and access to the regular assessment results that are taking place over the academic year. However, it is important to keep in mind that raw data/marks/comments can be difficult to understand without having a full understanding of every single subject exam specifications and context; this is why we are encouraging you to use this online platform as the starting point of regular conversations with your child about his/her progress and potential difficulties across their subjects.

Kind Regards

Xavier Vuiller

Assistant Head Teacher

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