Revision Mission

Dear Parents and Carers,

Someone said they could already hear the hum of the impending challenges of 2015! This week we launched the Revision Mission in Assembly to explain the 3 lessons of general revision techniques planned to help all year 11 get organised, feel supported and ready for their exams.

Together with this are the 2 remaining Parents’ Meetings for years 7 & 8, (29/1/15 & 9/2/15 respectively) so the early finish gives us all a great opportunity to offer a Study Session. These have been very successful and all year 11 pupils are very welcome. We have a quick lunch provided first and then several departments have already arranged study sessions:

History, Maths, English, the Aspiration group will meet as usual, the Endeavour interviews will continue, 29/1/15 is the last day before the Photography coursework deadline so that may be very valuable too,  an Oxbridge meeting is being planned for the second date – 9/2/15 and I am sure this week will see other departments join in.

In addition to this, 2 very experienced Tutors are supporting small groups currently in English and Maths. The English programme runs until the English Mock exam on Tues 10/2/15; the Maths programme until the Maths Mock exam on Wed 11/3/15

May I draw your attention to an important piece of information. Below is the link to the Exam Board’s Rules and Regulations, please do refer to it carefully with your son or daughter. If there are any questions, contact me or the Exams Officer in school, Mrs Ranby in Student Services.

Information for the GCSE Examinations is now collected in a new tab on Moodle – Click HERE

Here you can find the timetable of all the exams in the main period of May & June, as well as advice and rules and regulations from Mrs Ranby, the Examinations Officer. Students will be issued with their own individual exam timetables after the February Half Term break.

So, yes certainly a hum but maybe ‘BUZZ’ is a better word!

Amongst the array of revision materials and advice are plenty of ideas for maintaining a calm, balanced and positive outlook – plenty of deep breathing and quiet reflection.   Materials such as

‘ Good & Bad Revision’, ‘Revise less; learn more’, Growth Mindset, ‘Time to Upgrade’, ‘Mind Games’, ‘Help Yourself to English’, and ‘Revision Cracked’ plus lots of freebies!

Confidence and control come through planning and organisation, we’re all here to help.

Please do remember to stay in touch via the yr 11 mail box – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and we have updated the tabs on the Intervention page on Moodle.


Mrs P Goad, Intervention Manager

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