Superb Bridgford Record Remarkable Results in Sutton

On Saturday the 15th of November, 32 athletes eager for success travelled to a brand new venue, Ashfield School for this next stage of the cross country season. Though relatively close to the former venue Sutton-In-Ashfield Recreational Park, it proved to be significantly different terrain and scenery. It even boasted farmers’ fields and wood trails. Conditions never hindered our performance as the route was barely visible through a misty abyss and the occasional sheet of rain. The schedule of the races was as follows: Year 8/9 boys opening and year 7 girls closing the event with year 7 boys, 8/9 girls and year 10/11 boys and girls placed in between.

The 8/9 boys’ race kicked of proceedings with an elite field of 60. Picking up from the last event, the boys regained their high intensity of effort and claimed vital places and substantial points. Leading the immense squad in was Joe Mitchell in 9th shortly followed by Toby Percival and Teo Ayodeji Ansell 12th and 13th respectively. Also good performances were attained by Vince Machin, Flynn Cross and Alex Nolan – 18th, 20th and 21st respectively. This sets the boys in 2nd and 4th in the team competition.

Next were the 10/11 girls who were represented by trio Charlotte Hudson, Maisy Flint Foster, Megan Gallagher and Maisy Brand who recorded results of 8th, 22nd, 12th and 32nd. Following on from the girls race were the amazing year 7 boys’ team who once again exploited bags of talent by having 8 runners in the top 35 with headline performances coming from Toby Hulis in 2nd and Louis Dunne in 12th with Josh Birks finishing 17th. Remarkably this leaves the A and B teams 1st and 3rd in the team competition. Next were the 8/9 girls’ race which received an astounding duet performance from talented twins Bella Reed and Florence Reed who came 3rd and 4th in the 3km race placing the team 2nd comfortably. However with no representation in the 10/11 boys race it left the year 7 girls to sweep up the last of the endless glory. They completed the job by attaining 5 runners in the top 25 – wow! Brought in by Alice Mitchell in 15th and Harriet Machin in 20th it left the team in 3rd.

Clearly a spectacular performance all round from everyone who ran. Thanks to Mr Kent, Miss Rogers and Mr Alton for organising team.

By Alex Nolan 9F


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