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Our school do a lot of work celebrating equality and diversity, as well as tackling all forms of discrimination.  Only this last month we have celebrated Black History Month, the culture of India, and Miss Masterson has very recently been promoting the Bystander Revolution with year 7, 8 and 9 pupils in her anti-bullying assembly.  This is all very important to our school community, and no doubt to you as parents and carers too.  One of the reasons we seek opportunities to acknowledge, learn about and celebrate differences and similarities amongst us is to enable discussion and promote the positive contributions all people make to society regardless of lifestyle, beliefs or background.  This, in turn, can help to expel myths and challenge stereotypes which can often be at the root of bullying and discrimination.

Mrs Cooper and her team cover many topical and relevant issues in the PSHE programme.  Last week we were fortunate enough to have PC Riz Chothia, PC Deborah Rawsthorne and PC Atlas Iqbal from Prevent Delivery Team – the East Midlands specialist police unit, deliver an informative, fun and myth-busting workshop on a difficult subject, terrorism and extremism.  Pupils engaged incredibly well and our visitors were impressed with their sensible and honest contributions.  PC Chothia and his team are visiting more groups here as well as other schools in the East Midlands, informing young people about how to spot signs and seek help when they or somebody they know is being coerced into believing extreme views about society, politics or religion. 

Here is what some of our pupils had to say about the workshop:

“It was very informative” – Amr Houda

“I thought the lesson was very fun and interesting. We have never learnt about that stuff before so it was good to have had the lesson. The video showed an important point that you don’t need to fight back with violence to get your point across. I have learnt a lot” – Louisa Bell

“”’Dairy of a Badman’ was really interesting. It was funny but had a strong message. The message was about not stereotyping people and that violence isn’t the answer” – Zack Worton

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