I Have a Dream Poem

I have a Dream Poem
Throughout the years of racial abuse
Black and whites were apart.
And in this time they never thought
An equal life could start
But one day, a man with a dream came and changed their hearts
He was black and they were white
And for racial equality he would fight
He stood on a podium and declared his dream to change the hearts of a nation.
And in this time he would start to end discrimination.
He hoped for unity among all race
And this is something we’d come to embrace
I’ve learnt about back slaves being freed
And racial equality with which I agree
I imagine I march with the crowd of 63
I look around and what do I see
Crowds of people waiting to be free
From the oppression of authority
I watch as Dr Martin Luther King
Delivers a speech and then we sing
‘I have a dream’, ‘we’ll overcome’ and end with the cry ‘let freedom ring’!
I feel alive, there’s hope in the air
The world must stop and stare
As for equality we must dare
But 50 years later, what do I see?
What was his legacy?
What has become of you and me?
Do we have equality, peace and unity?
It is better that it was in 63
The world is better for you and me
But it is not perfect, we are not all free
To enjoy who we are, to live and just be
So we must continue to remember,
Continue to declare
Let freedom ring until the world is fair.
Written by a year 9 pupil
I have a dream
I have a dream,
That a time will come when people will accept you for
Who you are.
I have a dream,
That everyone will live with what they have instead of trying to be someone else.
I have a dream,
That the world will come together and differentiate
Between what matters and what doesn’t.
I have a dream,
That people will stop being racist and treat everyone equally.
I have a dream,
That the poverty in the world will end soon.
I have a dream,
That people will stop differentiating between the colour
Of people’s skin or their personality
I have a dream,
That everyone in the world will have the same amount
of money.
I have a dream,
That everyone in the world will be rich.
I have a dream, that many will have this dream,
And together we can stop dreaming and make all
The dreams come true.
Written by a year 9 pupil

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